Wet and Cool Weather Hampers Field Work in April

Written by on May 9, 2019

Hardin County – For the time period of April 15-30, Extension rainfall reporters recorded an average of 4.08 inches of rain in Hardin County.

Last year, the average rainfall for the same time period was 1.56 inches. Rainfall for the April 15-30 time period is 1.92 inches more than the ten-year average rainfall during the same dates.

Cessna Township received 5.08 inches for the April 15-30 time period, the most of any of the township sites. Dudley Township received 2.61 inches for the April 15-30 time period, the least of any of the township sites.

Very limited field work occurred in April with the regular rains and cool temperatures during the month. The month of May should bring warmer and drier weather allowing for the planting of corn and soybeans.

Some wheat fields that did not have good stands from the wet fall and cold winter may be planted to another crop. Also, some forage fields may require new seeding from winter heaving and damage.

Farmers are hoping for fields to become fit enough to apply fertilizer and manure, as well as complete spring burndown weed spraying. As temperatures warm up and winds pick up, soils should dry out from the excess moisture.

Ideally corn is planted by May 10, but this year that will be later because of the conditions.

Farmers are encouraged not to work in wet fields as it compacts the soil and impacts yields.

Delay of corn planting will also limit yields depending on the weather received during the growing season, however with less impact than compaction.

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