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Recorded October 28th, 2022There was an issue recording the introductions at the beginning.

Peter Pan Junior will be performed this weekend at the Kenton Middle School Auditorium. Listen to the podcast from this morning. Details:June 24th at 7pmJune 25th at 5pm Tickets available at the door Adults – $10Students – Free. Kenton Middle School

Seniors Kylie Allmon, Zane Preston, and Lauren Bartlett talk with the Morning Buzz about the upcoming Cabaret at Kenton Highschool this weekend. Show dates are Friday 5/19/22 and Saturday 5/20/22 at 7:30pm and Sunday 5/21/22 at 2:00pmTickets and some tables are available online at Kentonathletics.com/online-ticketing Listen or download the podcast below:

The Little Mermaid is coming to life at the Kenton Middle School Auditorium this weekend.The show will be Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:00pm. Tickets are available online at https://go.kcs.me/tickets. Listen to Lily James, Katie Sturgeon, Grace Collins, and Zane Preston talk about the upcoming production.

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