USV Ambulance District Chief Promotes Levy at Alger Village Council Meeting

Written by on February 8, 2023

The Chief of the Upper Scioto Valley Ambulance District spoke to Alger Village Council members at their Tuesday evening meeting.

Aunee Helton talked about the ambulance district’s levy that will be on the ballot in May.

She said a goal of the levy is to move the ambulance district to a 24/7 schedule, “Meaning that our trucks will be out, like Ashley and I during the day, within that one to two minute time frame.  With that, we’re able to get to the other side of Roundhead within 15 minutes, where in the evening hours, you’re looking at at least a half hour because you’ve got to wait for everybody to get to the station before you can get in the truck and then take the truck to wherever you’re called to.”

Helton said they currently have 15 members, and two of them are currently in the process of being certified.

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