UF Computer Science Program Adds Data Analytics Emphasis

Written by on February 19, 2019

With big data interpretation and strategizing skills in high demand, and high paying, the University of Findlay has added a data analytics emphasis to its Computer Science Program.

According to Burning Glass Technologies, there are not nearly enough data scientists and analysts to fill the thousands of positions now open. On average, such jobs pay an annual salary of $80,265, with hybrid specialists such as data engineers earning well over $100,000. Industries of all types, ranging from news corporations to petroleum companies, are seeking data specialists who can identify trends, develop strategies for growth, troubleshoot, and improve service.

UF’s data analytics emphasis teaches multiple programing languages, how to perform ad-hoc queries, statistical understanding and visualization importance and SQL orientation. Some available courses include Integrated Statistical Analysis, Information Security Fundamentals and Computer and Network Forensics.

Students choosing this emphasis complete five core courses, along with two additional courses from a list of electives.

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