Secretary of State’s Office to Start Mentoring Program

Written by on March 26, 2019

COLUMBUS – The Secretary of State’s Office is partnering with the Ohio Association of Election Officials (OAEO) to begin the Ohio Election Professionals Mentoring Program. This program will help foster a partnership with the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office and the boards of elections around the state of Ohio.

“Nothing tops the shared experience of a peer mentor, which is why I’m happy that so many veteran board members are stepping up to share their vast knowledge with new board members,” said LaRose.

The program will develop peer-to-peer relationships among newly appointed election officials at county boards of elections and their counterparts at similar boards of elections throughout Ohio.

“It’s an innovative idea, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to ensure our members are supplied with the support they need to continue to run safe and honest elections right here in Ohio,” said OAEO President Robert Frost.

The OAEO acts as a bipartisan organization representing all of the board members and staff of the boards of elections around the state. This organization helps train and educate its members to ensure successful election operations.

“We are energized for this program to begin so our members can continue to grow in their roles and continue Ohio’s strong tradition of secure, accessible and accurate elections,” said OAEO Vice President Michelle Wilcox.

Below is an outline of the Mentoring Program guidelines:

.The mentor will be identified by the requirements below:

.They have held the position for which they will be a mentor for at least two years.

.They are up to date with all of their training credit requirements.

.They have attended summer conference at least once in the previous two years.

.The mentor will be matched with a new elections official based on:

.Type of voting requirement used in each county.

.Number of registered voters in the counties they serve.

.Geographical location of both counties.

.The Secretary of State will approve the pairings and ensure that all program requirements are met including:

.Completion of the Mentorship Agreement by both parties prior to beginning the program.

.Completion of the requirements listed on the Certificate of Program Completion within one year of the signing of the Mentorship Agreement.

.Submission of the completed Certificate of Program Completion form to designated person within the Secretary of State’s Office.

.The Secretary of State’s Office will develop worksheets for each of the mentorship plan topics to help guide the program.

.Both the mentor and the new election official will receive five training credits each for successful completion of the program.

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