Rules Change For Swine Department

Written by on March 4, 2019

Swine exhibitors will be seeing new changes coming to the 2019 Hardin County Fair. According to the press release, the Swine Department will be requiring registration and pictures of all swine exhibited at the Hardin County Fair. There will not be a limit to how many pigs you can have registered, however, there will still be a limit of two pigs for fair exhibition. Pictures of all pigs registered will be required and must include a profile and head-shot. The ear notch must be included, if that applies to your pigs. These photos must be clear and sent digitally. Charlie McCullough, Swine Committee Co-Chair, said “These changes are being put into place to catch the Swine Department up to speed with other commodities. These changes are not brought on by any particular event.”


The June 1st ownership deadline is still required, while the deadline for registration will be June 7th. Registration information will be sent via email no later than April 12th and will also be available on the OSU Extension website at Any questions regarding these changes or concerns can be directed to the Hardin County Fairboard Swine Committee at 419-675-2396.

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