Recycling at the Hardin County Fair to Continue

Written by on August 28, 2019

Keep Hardin County Beautiful started recycling at the Hardin County Fair 2017 and it has been a success.

They collected 100 pounds of plastic water and pop bottles and pop cans in 2017.

In 2018 168 pounds of plastic and cans were recycled.

One thing they did notice, and would like to ask the public to please be cognizant of, is that there was, a more than desirable amount of trash, in the recycle bins.

It says right on the lids of all the bins “PLASTIC BOTTLES AND CANS ONLY”. This does NOT mean:

.A plate of uneaten fries

.Dirty diaper

.Cigarette butts

.Food of any type



.Sandwich wrappers, etc.

If its trash, put it in the trash can and if it’s a PLASTIC BOTTLE OR CAN, put it in a recycle bin.

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