Past Posting Insurance Fraud Scheme Trending in Ohio

Written by on March 10, 2023

COLUMBUS – An insurance fraud scheme committed after an auto accident or property damage is trending in Ohio and it can have impacts on the cost of insurance for consumers, Ohio Department of Insurance director Judith L. French announced.

Named the “past posting” scheme, the term describes the action of a person attempting to secure insurance after an incident in which they did not have coverage or making it appear they had insurance when the incident occurred, such as by manipulating paperwork.

“A person may assume that insurance fraud is a victimless crime and that there are no serious consequences for committing it,” French said. “This type of scheme is insurance fraud, which is illegal and punishable by financial penalty and time in jail. Insurance fraud increases how much Ohioans pay for insurance.”

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that the economic impact of insurance fraud is a $308.6 billion annual cost to U.S. consumers and businesses, equaling about $932 annually for every American and more than $70,000 over a person’s lifetime.

The Ohio Department of Insurance monitors the state’s insurance marketplace for insurance fraud. From July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022, it received more than 7,433 allegations of insurance fraud and insurance agent misconduct, opened 1,116 administrative and criminal investigations, identified 132 potential law violations, and took administrative and/or criminal action against 162 individuals.

Allegations of insurance fraud can be reported to 800-686-1527 and

“New Medicare Card” Telephone Scammers Posing as Government Employees

The Ohio Department of Insurance issued a consumer alert last month and continues to urge Ohioans on Medicare to be alert for telephone scammers posing as representatives of the government to steal their personal information.

Called the “New Medicare Card” scam, the scammers are posing as employees of the Social Security Administration, Medicare, and Ohio Department of Insurance. They call their intended victims and say the person needs a new Medicare card or they need to turn in their paper card for a plastic card. The scammers then request the person’s personal information. Government agencies, such as the Social Security Administration, Medicare, and the Ohio Department of Insurance do not cold call Ohioans on Medicare.

Ohioans who suspect or have been victimized by a Medicare scam should contact the Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol at 800-488-6070 or

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