Orders Being Accepted for Hardin County Veteran’s Banners

Written by on March 12, 2019

The Veteran’s Banner Project is ready to gear up with the return of the Spring season.


Banner applications will be accepted from now until May 1 to be displayed this summer.


Applications can be picked up at the Hardin County Commissioner’s Office and the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance.


You can also find one on the Hardin County Veterans Banners Facebook page.


The cost of $115 is the same as last year, which will purchase the banner and brackets for the display. You’ll also get a personal banner and a presence on the website troopbanners.com/Hardin County.


All of last year’s banners will again be displayed on poles around Kenton along with new banners ordered this year.


The location of the banners will change from last year, but a banner map will be available in mid-June to allow families and friends to locate the banners.


For more information, contact Roger Crowe at 419-673-6518 or email elks157@kenton.com.


Again the deadline to order banners is May 1.

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