ODOT: Winter of 2023 on Par with Last Season

Written by on January 20, 2023

Aside from the frigid Christmas-time storm, winter this year has been comparable to last.

So far this season, ODOT crews in the 16 county northwest Ohio region, which includes Hardin County, have used 11,930 tons of salt, compared to 10,760 tons at this point last season.

They have used 337,734 gallons of de-icer, compared to 292,150 gallons last season, and ODOT trucks have driven 265,432 miles. Last season at this point, they drove 193,180 miles.

Motorists are reminded that ODOT trucks travel at slower speeds and are asked to give them plenty of space to work. 

Last winter, ODOT plow trucks statewide were struck 62 times. 

This year, 17 ODOT crews have been struck while performing snow and ice operations.

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