Mid Ohio Energy Conducts Annual Membership Meeting

Written by on April 11, 2019

KENTON, April 9, 2019 — More than 350 members and guests attended the annual membership meeting of Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative at its Kenton office.

In his report to the cooperative’s membership, President and CEO John Metcalf recognized the 20th anniversary of the merger of Marion and United electric cooperatives
that resulted in Mid-Ohio Energy.

“The merger was projected to save a total of $1.1 million over the first 10 years of the new cooperative,” Metcalf said. “We did see the $1.1 million in savings in the first decade of operations, but we also realized tremendous savings that were not anticipated.”

Combining systems eliminated equipment duplication, saving millions of dollars from ever being spent. The strengths of each system complemented the other, and the
additional resources and expertise allowed for automation and system upgrades.

“The savings afforded us the financial resources to invest in our system and equipment,” Metcalf continued. “The result? Mid-Ohio Energy has emerged as a national top-tier electric utility in regard to reliability.”

“Today, because of the 1999 merger, members enjoy annual savings in excess of $1 million – nearly the same amount as was forecasted for an entire decade.”

Via mail and online voting, co-op consumer-members re-elected Dan Harris to represent District 4, while Howard Lyle, District 5, and Paul Beineke, District 6, were newly elected to the board. Each trustee serves a three-year term.

Former trustees Karl Marshall, Max Strine, and Eugene Royer were recognized for their longtime contributions to Mid-Ohio Energy.

“Gentlemen, your wisdom and steady guidance has helped the cooperative navigate through several major points in the co-op’s history. Your dedication and service to the
board and the membership is greatly appreciated,” board Chairman Robert Imbody said as he addressed the former trustees.

Via video, the co-op’s Community Fund Board Chair Curtis Byers reported that the fund awarded 40 grants totaling $41,852 in 2018. Through the Community Fund, participating members have their electric bills rounded up to the next whole dollar, and the collective spare change is used to help local people and organizations in need.

Nearly all Mid-Ohio Energy consumer-members participate in the fund, which has given $544,400 since the program started, Byers said. ​

“I’d like to thank those participants for their generosity,” he said. “Your contributions help bring your electric co-op even closer to the communities we serve.”
Byers also thanked outgoing Community Fund board members Sharon Baldinger, John Fark, and Robert Radway, whose six-year terms concluded last year.

Also at the annual meeting, Mid-Ohio Energy’s 11 scholarship winners were recognized, and consumer-members heard about electric cooperatives’ accomplishments across the

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