Kenton Top 20 Show Choir Camp.

Written by on July 18, 2019

Today, WKTN got the chance to sit in on the Kenton Top

Choreographer JJ Jones reviewing a pose during one of the songs.

20’s show choir camp. This camp has been going on all this week from 9-5, and they’ve been working on the choreography and performance for this seasons competitive show choir show. The Top 20 performers are working all day with choreographers Zack Triscari, JJ Jones and Tara Tober, with breaks for lunch around noon. Its been a very tough process, with show choir director Todd Dequino saying “This camp is almost liking running two-a-days for the football team. Its a lot of conditioning, and getting used to the hard work they’ll be putting in for the whole year. They’re working very hard, and it shows in how much they’ve learned this week alone.”

The show theme this year is “Antagonist”. Dequino described it as “embracing your inner bad guy. Its been a very fun and creative process, as its not really like anything we’ve done in the past.” Senior Aubrey Thrust described it as “Out of her comfort zone. I really love the show because its a lot different from anything we’ve done in the past. Its a new idea that has been really fun to learn. Normally I am a really nice person, so trying to be bad like this isn’t easy for me.”

Aubrey has been in the Top 20 all four years of High School. She has loved every year, saying she loves performing and that “the friendships and bonds that you make, especially during this week, can last for a very long time”. Before joining the Top 20 in High School, Thrush performed in the Dimensions throughout Middle School, which is a smaller version of the Top 20. Thrush describes it as a way to “get used to the habits of high school show choir. It’s a big change from Dimensions to Top 20. It’s a lot more difficult and competitive, but being in Dimensions really helped me to prepare for it.” Freshman Elaine Webster added by saying “they expect a whole new level of commitment in the Top 20. Its exhausting, but totally worth it.” Both girls have loved their time in the camp, with Webster saying “I love Dequino! And the choreographers are amazing too, they push us really hard because they know we can be really good.”

The Top 20 team is very excited to be performing their show “Antagonist” throughout this years competitive season. After this camp is finished, they will start weekly practices where they will be joined by their backing band the A-Company, directed by Jordan Gibson. If you’re interested in seeing the Top 20 perform, they will be at the Hardin County Fair on Sunday, September 8th for their first performance. They have an exhibition performance at the Findlay Fall Fest on October 26, and their first competition is the Ada Music Feast on November 9th. They hope you can get the chance to come out and support the show choir and all the hard work they’ve put into their performances.

By Harlon Roby, WKTN News.


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