Kenton School Treasurer Reports Higher Interest Rates will Have Positive Effect

Written by on March 21, 2023

The Kenton City Schools Board of Education held the March meeting Monday evening.

Treasurer Jill Smith reported to board members that higher interest rates are expected to positively benefit the five year forecast for the district’s general fund, “Our interest rate probably will increase that revenue line that we thought wasn’t going to be 30,000, but now maybe projected to be over 250,000 between July and the end of June (fiscal year), so that’s a big plus for us, so that’s probably the one big item that I could see that really kind of stuck out that will change our revenue.”

The Kenton Elementary School’s Debate Club gave a presentation.

Principal Clint Sneary introduced students Lane Harder, Anderson Latimore, Lachlan Spearman, Rayden Tracy and Ryder Tracy who talked about their experiences with the Drama Club.

Personnel matters included approving a lengthy list of volunteers for the rest of this school year.

Lora Little from the architect firm Garmann Miller showed several preliminary artist renderings of the new Middle and High School building.

Superintendent Chad Thrush stated that they are not the final renderings, but they are getting very close to showing those.

Board member Rodney Hensel then gave a shout out to the Kenton High School JROTC Team, “I saw on our Twitter account where the JROTC won a competition at Trotwood Madison. I just wanted to congratulate them. Again I‘ve said this many times, I think that’s one of our better programs in the schools, so we’re very proud of that drill team.”

The next regular Kenton Board of Education meeting will be held on April 17.

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