Kenton, Ohio Hi-Point Add Additional Agricultural Education Teacher

Written by on January 25, 2023

KENTON – In a collaborative effort to serve students, both Kenton City Schools and Ohio Hi-Point Career Center are investing in the Kenton High School Agricultural Education program by adding an additional teacher.

The teacher will have strengths in teaching mechanical principles, and welding, but also have a background in Agricultural Education and FFA.

“We want to better serve students that want to work with their hands,” said Kenton Superintendent Chad Thrush. “We know that in our community we have a need for trade skills and manufacturing. We’re working to build a pipeline for students to learn and work in Kenton and empower them with the skills they need for success.”

Adding a second Agriculture instructor will also allow the district to integrate the Agricultural Education program at Kenton Middle School to serve 7th & 8th-grade students.

“The partnership between Kenton and the Ohio Hi-Point Agriculture Education program has been growing in the number of students. This opportunity will allow us to provide support to high school students and continue that growth to reach middle school students,” said Dr. Rick Smith, Superintendent of Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. “We know agriculture is not only a huge part of Hardin County, but that many of the skills – like welding and mechanical principles – and work ethics taught in the program crossover to other high-need jobs within the county.”

Applications are currently being accepted for this position. Interested parties should reach out to Ohio Hi-Point for more information.

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