IT Coordinator Voices Frustration About Courthouse Phone Service

Written by on March 1, 2019


Nate Rodenberger, IT Coordinator expressed his frustration about Windstream phones service at the Hardin County Courthouse.


Rodenberger told commissioners that he has received irate phone calls from employees who are now using their personal cell phones to make calls because they are not coming into the courthouse on Windstream.


The commissioners asked if it would be better with another carrier, to which Rodenberger replied that he has not heard of complaints with Spectrum customers.


The issues started in November 2018 when Windstream turned a trunk off, which worked briefly, but they have snowballed since then.


It was decided that Rodenberger will figure and review the termination clause with Windstream, and begin the process to switch carriers.


He will start by contacting Spectrum to find out what is needed to install fiber at the courthouse locations.

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