Fenton Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Ada

Written by on December 9, 2022

The Fenton for Mayor Committee submitted the following release:

Today, I have taken out a petition to run for Mayor of Ada in the November 2023 election.

I am a long-time resident of the Village who believes that we need new energy and new direction to move Ada ahead.

While we have seen growth in business development in the Village, there is no place for employees to live in Ada. The absence of suitable housing for families and lack of residential development is causing Ada to stagnate while nearby communities thrive. Addressing this problem will be the top priority of my administration.

I am a retired ONU law professor and administrator with significant experience in leading programs and securing and managing grants. I helped write the book on local Ohio government procedures for the Ohio State Bar Association and have been advising foreign governments on good governance for over 25 years. My wife Beth has been active in the Village and was a member of council for nearly 8 years. She currently serves as a volunteer for the American Red Cross. I have five children and four grandchildren spread all over the world.

I believe that it’s time for new, engaged leadership that can work with all parts of the community and throughout Hardin County. As Mayor, I will take an inclusive, cooperative approach to my role and get Ada moving forward.

Look for more information on my Facebook page, Fenton for Mayor, and reach out to me with questions there or at FentonForAda@gmail.com

(photos from the Fenton for Mayor Facebook page)

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