Cross’ HB 430 Passes House Vote

Written by on March 7, 2022

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives recently passed a bill to improve public safety and communication between a utility company and developers.

House Bill 430, sponsored by State Representative Jon Cross (R- Kenton), will create requirements for developers when constructing public improvements near an interstate transmission pipeline.

“This bill is pro-business, pro-safety and pro-development and will help to improve Ohio’s infrastructure and economy,” said Cross. “This legislation seeks to create a safety dialogue between property developers and hazardous liquids or interstate gas pipeline operators when new land use or property development is planned near a transmission pipeline.”

Current law requires that in the case of interstate hazardous liquid pipelines or interstate gas pipelines, the owner or operator of a utility must provide written notice to the developer or designer of any special notification requirements.

Cross’ bill would limit that notification to a 660 feet radius around a pipeline center point. If development will take place inside the radius, the owner of the pipeline will be required to provide specific information to the public authority constructing the public improvement.

Along with the notification requirements House Bill 430 will also designate April as Ohio Work Zone Safety Awareness Month.

House Bill 430 will now head to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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