Cross Acquires $500,000 for Indian Lake Aquatic Vegetation Removal

Written by on April 8, 2022

COLUMBUS – State Representative Jon Cross (R-Kenton) has acquired $500,000 through an amendment that was added to House Bill 175 that will help the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Indian Lake Watershed Project to cleanup Indian Lake.

Cross’ plan is a two pronged attack that allows the ODNR to enter into a $250,000 partnership with the Indian Lake Watershed Project (ILWP) for the 2022 weed harvesting season. The remaining $250,000 will be used by the ODNR for their own weed harvesting operations.

Over the last summer, Indian Lake has been experiencing significant aquatic vegetation growth that has led to canals and large expanses of the lake to become unnavigable.

Cross has been working with ODNR and the ILWP to try and help find a solution for one of central Ohio’s popular destinations for water recreation.

“I have been working with the ODNR to find out what they need to clear up the vegetation problem with the lake,” said Cross. “There is no quick fix, but removing the vegetation is a short-term plan that can help protect the overall health of the lake.”

The amendment will also provide financial support to the ILWP in 2023 for weed harvesting operations as well.

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