Commissioners Shoot Down Rumor of Hardin Hills Closing

Written by on April 26, 2019

The Hardin County Commissioners met recently with staff and family members at Hardin Hills to deal with what they termed toxic rumors that the facility is closing.


They assured those present that Hardin Hills is not closing. They noted that steps have recently been taken to keep the building updated as possible at the well-built but older building.


Architects were brought in to see the feasibility of adding restrooms, a new ice maker is being ordered and more water heaters added.


It was noted that more staff is needed as there has been a turnover.


Across the county there is not enough in the workforce to fill positions.


Staff members were asked to talk to their friends and encourage them to apply.


Families present at the meeting told the commissioners about the excellent care their family member receives, with one noting it was superior.

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