Buck Township Trustees Meet Over Controversial Plan

Written by on June 11, 2019

The Buck Township Trustees held a public hearing on Monday evening in the Hardin County Courthouses Veterans Hall concerning the rezoning of agricultural land to industrial.


Citizens of Buck Township along with residents from outside of the Township gathered to hear testimony from proponents and experts on a proposed trans-loading station which would handle hazardous cargo. The site, which is located on 53 acres of farmland in the Southern portion of Buck Township, buts up against Wilson Tire and Morton Buildings. If the rezoning is approved, the company would become Diversified Integrated System Corporation (DISC). Lance, Kirk and Mark Shepherd, who are owners of Cessna Transport, are hoping the Buck Township Trustees will side with the proposed 10-15 jobs that this facility will create.


However, concerns over the potential environmental risks the facility could provide were raised by numerous Buck Township residents in attendance at the meeting. For residents, the concerns of water quality, livestock and available farmland was the topic of many not in favor of the proposed plan. Residents brought to the attention of the Trustees that “an overwhelming majority of your constituents do not want this facility in Buck Township.” During the meeting, Buck Township resident, Lynn Smith, addressed the Trustees by having Buck Township residents in attendance to raise their hands, followed by having those who are for the project remain with their hands in the air. Of the residents, only two were for the project.


Furthermore, after public participation and testimony from the proponents of the plan, the Township Trustees conferred with Hardin County Prosecutor, Brad Bailey.  After speaking, the Trustees denied to take any action on the matter that night and moved the vote to their next regularly scheduled meeting. The Trustees will reconvene on Thursday, June 27th at 6 o’clock in Veterans Hall to announce their vote on the rezoning and to conduct normal business. 

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