Buck Township Trustees Keep Property Zoned Agricultural

Written by on June 27, 2019

[qtrelease id=””]The Buck Township Trustees met last night in the Hardin County Courthouses Veterans Hall to hold a regular scheduled meeting. 

On the agenda for the Trustees was to hold a vote on the rezoning of a property located on State Route 31. The property, which buts up against Wilson Tire and Morton Building, was under-consideration for industrial zoning. If approved, the land would be used by M.L Kirklease for a Chemical Trans-loading Facility. 

The Buck Township Zoning Commission met in April of this year to hear from the proposed business. The Township Zoning Commission gave their recommendation to the Buck Township Trustees, which was voted on last night. The Commission’s recommendation was to not change the zoning of the property and leave it zoned as agricultural. At last night’s meeting, Buck Township Trustees were posed with adopting the recommendation or denying the recommendation of the Township Zoning Commission. In a unanimous roll-call vote, the Buck Township Trustees adopted the recommendation of the Buck Township Zoning Commission. This means that the property located in Buck Township will remain zoned agricultural.

There were no further comments from the Buck Township Trustees or anyone in attendance. 


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