Backyard Poultry Seminar Scheduled

Written by on March 15, 2019

Hardin County – There has been increased interest in people raising chickens to produce eggs locally.

While backyard poultry operations are usually smaller in size, they create a list of new problems that must be addressed to successfully complete this type of agricultural enterprise. Hardin County OSU Extension will be hosting a Backyard Poultry Production Seminar on Tuesday, March 26.

The two-hour program will begin at 6:30 pm and take place at the Extension office located at 1021 W Lima Street in Kenton.

Dr. Tim McDermott, DVM and Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator from Franklin County will be the instructor. McDermott will discuss backyard poultry production as it relates to meat production, egg production, dual purpose, and show breeds. His presentation will center around chickens, addressing regulations, where to find healthy chicks, brooding chicks, or incubating your own.

Information about caring for poultry will be discussed, including proper feeding , watering, and shelter to provide protection from predators.

Egg production basics will be addressed, including proper withdrawal times when using medications. Other topics will include use of proper bedding, winterizing the coop, and steps to take to prevent disease through proper biosecurity. Prevention of parasites and proper manure management will contribute to the success of a backyard poultry production operation, as will proper identification and treatment of diseases and managing other health problems as explained by Dr. McDermott.

Registration for the Backyard Poultry Production seminar is requested by signing up at or calling the Hardin County Extension office at 419-674-2297 by March 25 to insure enough seating for all participants.

There is no cost to attend this program.

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