August 11 is 811 Day

Written by on August 11, 2019

Why do I have to call 811 before I dig?

By law, everyone must contact OHIO811 at least 48 hours before beginning any digging project. Failure to call before you dig could result in disrupted service in your community – no air conditioning in the summer, no heating in the winter or loss of ability to contact emergency services,

How do I contact OHIO811?

OHIO811 is the one-stop shop to communicate any digging project. They will contact all utilities in the area, who will then mark underground facilities with color-coded flags.

Contacting them is as easy as dialing 8-1-1. You can also enter a ticket online with the new e-dig system. With just the click of a mouse, homeowners or contractors can enter non-emergency single address requests.

What do those flags mean?

Frequently asked questions:

Do you always need to call 811?

.Yes! No matter how small the project is, any underground digging should be preceded by a call to 811.
What if I have a contractor doing the work?

.The actual excavator on the project should call 811, whether that’s a homeowner or a contractor.

How close can I dig to the markings?

.The tolerance zones for digging is 18 inches on either side, plus the width of the line. If no width of the line is given, you should assume 2 inches.
What if I hit a line?

.If you hit a line, walk away immediately. Take steps to clear the area to protect yourself and others – do not attempt to repair or stop a leak yourself. If a substance starts releasing into the air, immediately call 911. Additionally for any damaged facility, you should contact the utility company listed on the nearest marker.

If you have questions or concerns about underground excavation, contact the PUCO Call Center online here or at (800) 686-7826.

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