Alger Residents Offered Tips on How to Control Nuisance Animal Problems

Written by on August 9, 2019

A raccoon, cat and rodent problem within the village of Alger was reported to village council members at their last meeting.


Village Administrator Paul Osborne said he spoke with Shane Lotts at the Health Department who made a couple of recommendations. 


One reason these animals are out and about is because of the dry weather. When the weather is dry, small wild animals take the risk of coming near humans, making their primary food source the garbage that residents put out to be collected, as well as any pet food they may place outside.


The most effective thing citizens can do is limit their food source.


Keep any pet food inside. If you have animals you feed outside, limit the times you feed them and do not leave extra food. 


Second, don’t put out your garbage until the day it is to be collected.


Doing these two things may not eliminate the problem altogether, but it is believed it could have a great impact on the number of animals out and about looking for food.

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