Additional Money Brings Debate For Kenton City Council

Written by on July 8, 2019

Last night’s meeting began on the topic of parking of motor vehicles and motor-craft. 

Kenton Police Department Chief, Dennis Musser, introduced Lima’s Code of Ordinances as it relates to parking vehicles in yards and his interest to explore similar options for Kenton. According to Musser, the City has a problem with nuisance vehicles, majority of which are broken down in residents yards around Kenton. In Lima, vehicles are towed after a certain amount of time if vehicles are not moved from the lot. However, Musser said that this is being explored for the intent of vehicles that are being stored in yards over extended periods of time. The Kenton City Council will take the provided ordinance from Lima into consideration as they begin a discussion on the topic.  

Additional appropriations to the budget led to debate and two amendments at last night’s meeting. The Council, who can transfer money from departments and to various line items, debated on the specific line items under consideration which included City Hall maintenance, Labor Negotiations, Recreation, Court Projects and Sewer items. On the original ordinance, Councilman Dave Beazley, amended the motion to a minimum on certain line items, citing that some items were in more of a rush than others and needed to be addressed first. This amendment passed, however, the amended ordinance did not pass the suspension of the three reading rule and was moved to a second reading. 

Moreover, after discussion and voting ceased on the amended ordinance, Councilwoman Antwilla Davis, amended the amended ordinance to take care of certain items which needed to be paid as well as keep remaining funds open for further bills. Davis’s amendment allocated $8,500 for City Hall repair and maintenance to fix the elevator within the building. The amended ordinance also allotted $10,000 for City Hall Labor Negotiations, $0 for nuisance abatement, $3,100 for Street Traffic Light maintenance, $0 for new recreation equipment, $150 for Quarry supplies and $2,265 for Court Special Projects. This amendment to the amended ordinance went on to pass and was adopted by the Council. 

The Kenton City Council thanked Deputy Auditor, Kerri McLaughlin for her 7 years of service working for the City. McLaughlin said, “Thank you to the Council for the opportunity and the experience and for all the support that you have all given me.” McLaughlin will be leaving for a new position in early August. 

The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be July 22nd at 7 o’clock in Council Chambers.

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