Officials Quick to Condemn Alleged Nazi Homeschooling Program Operating in Upper Sandusky

Written by on February 2, 2023

Reports about a Nazi homeschooling network operating out of Upper Sandusky has residents up in arms and officials calling for an investigation.

The so-called Dissident Homeschool program allegedly operated by a couple only known as “Mr. and Mrs. Saxton” supposedly distributed Nazi material to around 2500 subscribers as part of their educational material.

When the news broke this week, lawmakers and education officials around the state quickly condemned the network.

Upper Sandusky School Superintendent Eric Landversicht released a statement calling the Nazi network allegations egregious, and he said the District vehemently condemns any such resources.

He said parents are responsible for choosing the curriculum and course of study.

The curriculum is not sponsored or endorsed by the District, and each district has little to no control over what the parents can and cannot teach.

He pointed out parents choosing to home school their children must provide the District with an annual written notification and assurances.

Complete statement released by Upper Sandusky School Superintendent Eric Landversicht

Riordan McClain, who represents District 87, which includes Upper Sandusky, in the Ohio Statehouse, stated that he was “unaware” of the information that was reported in the online article. 

The Republican lawmaker added that he says he will “continue to investigate its validity.”

Officials around Ohio say that the State Board of Education needs to take a serious look at how it regulates the homeschool programs in Ohio.

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