City of Kenton Seeks USDA funding for Phase 2

Written by on March 14, 2022

Kenton City Council met for their 5th regular session Monday evening. During the proceedings resolution no. 22-004 was passed. This resolution allows the city of Kenton to enter an agreement with Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program to complete an environmental study in order to apply for USDA funding for Phase 2 of the downtown project.

Earlier in the meeting, Fire Chief, Bruce Donnelly would announce plans to add 4 to 5 additional tornado sirens in order to better equip the community in the event of an emergency. Donnelly would add the department would need to secure a grant in order to go forward with the project.

In closing, Mayor Lynn Webb would issue a heartfelt thanks to the service men and women of the community. In particular the mayor heeded praise onto the leadership both Chief Musser and Donnelly exude.

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