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Ohio is 7th Cheapest State to Live in America


The state of Ohio is the 7th cheapest state to live in America.


The HomeSnacks survey checked the cost of things like food, child care, medical and housing to determine what a family of various sizes can realistically expect to spend to achieve a decent living. Taxes were also one of the factors that were analyzed.


The cheapest state to live in 2017 was Mississippi. On the other end and not surprisingly, California was the most expensive state to live.



The compete story can be found on the Homesnacks.net website.








Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo Coming in March


The annual Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo returns to Columbus for three days of all things deer and turkey hunting March 16-18 at the Ohio Expo Center.


The state’s premier consumer expo for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts features the latest strategies, trends and techniques in hunting while providing a look at innovative new equipment, accessories, clothing and more.


Tickets purchased at the door will be $15 for adult one-day, $20 for adult two-day, and $5 for youth ages 6 to 15. Children five years of age and under gain admission free of charge.



Schools Around Ohio Closed Due to Threats


Reports of threats resulted in school districts canceling classes for today.


In addition, Columbus Schools say they will have an increased police presence because of threatening posts on social media.


It reflects a national trend since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.


Media reports say Lancaster High School closed after receiving a threatening telephone call on Thursday. Other schools in the district will be open, the Dispatch reports.


Licking Heights Central Middle School will be closed as Pataskala Police investigate a shooting threat made by a seventh-grader, the Dispatch reports. Students and parents reported the threat to the district.


All classes were canceled at Logan-Hocking School District because of a threat.

Posts on social media have resulted in Columbus police planning to beef up its presence Friday at its schools.


The Dayton Daily News reports four students ... one from Springfield, two from Fairborn and another from New Lebanon ... were arrested Thursday after threats were made, and that at least two other districts investigated reports of threats.



Ohio Flags at Half Staff in Honor of Fallen Westerville Police Officers

COLUMBUS – Today Governor John R. Kasich ordered that all flags be flown at half-staff upon all public buildings and grounds throughout the State of Ohio in honor of the lives and service of Westerville Police Officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli effective immediately through their interments.
Kasich’s order reads: “In honor of the lives and service of Westerville Police Officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli, I hereby proclaim, by the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Ohio by the Ohio Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, that the flags of the United States of America and the State of Ohio shall be flown at half-staff upon all public buildings and grounds throughout the state of Ohio effective immediately through their interments.”
Morelli and Joering was killed in the line of duty Saturday afternoon after responding to a 9-1-1 hang up call.
A suspect, identified as 30 year old Quentin Lamar Smith, was wounded and taken to the hospital after officers returned fire.



Drowsy Driving Crashes Higher Than Federal Estimates

COLUMBUS, Ohio (February 8, 2018) –  The percentage of crashes involving drowsy driving is nearly eight times higher than federal estimates, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.
“Drowsy driving is a bigger traffic safety issue than federal estimates show,” said Dr. David Yang, executive director for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Drivers who don’t get enough sleep are putting everyone on the road at risk.”
The difficulty in detecting drowsiness following a crash makes drowsy driving one of the most underreported traffic safety issues.
Study Details:
The AAA Foundation’s Prevalence of Drowsy Driving Crashes: Estimates from a Large-Scale Naturalistic Driving Study, is the most in-depth drowsy driving research ever conducted in the U.S.
In this study, researchers used in-vehicle dash cam videos to examine drivers’ faces in the three minutes leading up to more than 700 crashes. The scientific analysis found 9.5 percent of all crashes and 10.8 percent of crashes resulting in significant property damage involve drowsiness – compared to federal estimates, which indicate drowsiness is a factor in just 1- to-2 percent of crashes.
Sleep Deprivation and Driving:
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says 35 percent of U.S. drivers sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours daily.
“As many Americans struggle to balance their busy schedules, missing a few hours of sleep each day can often seem harmless,” said Jake Nelson, director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research for AAA. “But, missing just two- to-three hours of sleep can more than quadruple your risk for a crash, which is the equivalent of driving drunk.”
Nearly all drivers (96 percent) view drowsy driving as a serious threat to their safety and completely unacceptable, according to a recent AAA Foundation survey. However, 29 percent admitted to driving when they were so tired they had a hard time keeping their eyes open at some point in the past month.
Preventing Drowsy Driving Crashes:
Knowing the warning signs of drowsiness can help drivers avoid dozing off behind the wheel. The most common symptoms include:  
.Having trouble keeping your eyes open
.Drifting from your lane
.Not remembering the last few miles driven
In addition to knowing the warning signs AAA recommends drivers:
.Travel at times of the day when they are normally awake
.Avoid heavy foods before driving
    Avoid medications that cause drowsiness or other impairment. (Visit AAA.com/RoadwiseRX for a free and confidential online tool that generates feedback about how medications and supplements can affect safety behind the wheel.)
.Schedule a break every two hours or every 100 miles
.Travel with an alert passenger and take turns driving on road trips
.Don’t underestimate the power of a quick nap. Pulling into a rest stop and taking a quick catnap – at least 20 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes – can help keep you alert.
“Don’t be fooled, the only antidote for drowsiness is sleep,” said William Van Tassel, manager of Driver Training for AAA. “Short term tactics like drinking coffee, singing, rolling down the window will now work. Your body’s need for sleep will eventually override your brain’s attempts to stay awake.” 


BBB Lists Top 10 Inquiries, Complaints and Reviews in 2017

Columbus, OH (February 6, 2018) - More than 1.5 million consumers turned to your BBB for information on Central Ohio businesses in 2017. Over the course of the year, BBB took action with over 7,000 complaints while consumers looked to BBB customer reviews over 400,000 times.
“In the past, consumers would come to BBB for complaints,” said Kip Morse, President and CEO of BBB serving Central Ohio. “In 2017, we saw a large increase in the number of consumers who were looking at customer reviews, which shows us that consumers are not only using BBB to research companies, but to share their experiences as well, creating a dialog between businesses and consumers.”
Currently, 5,300 Accredited Businesses are committed to BBB’s high standards of trust and the resolution of marketplace disputes through conciliation. BBB Accredited Businesses have a positive commitment to stand behind their products and services while ensuring proper resolution of any disputes that may arise.
To help consumers make savvy marketplace decisions, BBB’s local database names the top ten most complained, inquired and reviewed industries of 2017.
The Top Ten Most Inquired About Industries of 2017:
1. Roofing Contractors (60,674)
2. Construction Services (60,660)
3. Collections Agencies (37,660)
4. Used Car Dealers (33,601)
5. Heating & Air Conditioning (36,741)
6. Insurance Companies (33,600)
7. Credit Cards & Plans (31,314)
8. Home Builders (28,941)
9. Plumbers (26,107)
10. Painting Contractors (21,360)
The Top Ten Most Complained About Industries of 2017:
1. Credit Cards and Plan (1,194)
2. Furniture Stores (574)
3. Insurance (346)
4. Clothing (302)
5. New Car Dealers (290)
6. Banks (279)
7. Used Car Dealers (250)
8. Collection Agencies (218)
9. Apartments (170)
10. Windshield Repair (164)
The Top Ten Most Reviewed Industries of 2017:
1. Heating & Air Conditioning (848)
2. Roofing Contractors (473)
3. Plumber (407)
4. Publishers Magazine (361)
5. Credit Cards & Plans (213)
6. Used Car Dealers (207)
7. New Car Dealers (194)
8. Apartments (190)
9. Basement Waterproofing (153)
10. Electricians (148)
Consumers can visit bbb.org to search for businesses, file a complaint or leave a customer review.
For more information on finding businesses you can trust, follow your BBB on Facebook, Twitter, and at bbb.org.


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