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Hardin County Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Review Period

The Hardin County EMA is pleased to announce that the Hardin County All-Hazards Mitigation Plan will be available for public review from August 7th through August 21st. The plan will be posted at www.consultrsa.com/hardin and comments can be made through the website. A printed copy of the draft plan is available at the Hardin County EMA, 1025 South Main Street, Room 111, Kenton and can be viewed by appointment. Max Trachsel, Hardin County EMA Director, is available by phone at 419-674-2276.


The All-Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies the threats and hazards that can cause significant disruption and damage in Hardin County, and lists actions that can be taken locally to decrease the cost of disaster response and recovery by reducing the community’s vulnerability. The plan establishes county eligibility for special funding to support mitigation actions, and facilitates collaborative efforts to address damages as a whole community.


The mitigation plan is the result of a year’s planning efforts by Hardin County and the municipalities and townships across the county. Input meetings were held at two times to discuss disasters and losses with the jurisdictions, and input was received from all of them. This plan represents the culmination of much community effort to improve disaster resiliency and protect the population from harm. Over 100 county residents have been involved in providing input and information for this plan.


The public review period is August 7 – 21, 2017. Any and all comments will be considered. The plan will be submitted for state review by the end of the month, and shortly after will be sent to FEMA for federal approval. Hardin County and its municipalities will be asked to adopt the plan once FEMA issues federal approval. That approval is anticipated sometime in late 2017.


An open comment meeting will be held at Veteran’s Hall in the Hardin County Court House, One Court House Square, Kenton on Monday, August 7 from 3:00 until 7:00 pm. The EMA Director and plan contractor will be on site to answer questions and receive comments in person. Public officials, county residents, and other interested parties are encouraged to attend this meeting to learn about the plan and submit their comments. No reservations are required. Questions can be directed to Max Trachsel, EMA Director, at 419-674-2276 or Sandy Hovest, plan contractor at 419-602-7488 or sandy@consultrsa.com.


Cross Campaign Raises Over $78,000 From Supporters

(7/31/17) Kenton, OH – the Friends of Jon Cross committee announces that the campaign has raised over $78,000 from supporters backing Jon’s candidacy for State Representative of the 83rd Ohio House district.
The committee has filed its 2017 semiannual campaign finance report with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, in which $69,309 was raised with no debt or loans between January 1st through June 30th of this year.
A previous local campaign finance report was filed in 2016, in which the campaign raised an additional $8,707, making the combined fundraising total to-date $78,016.90.
“Jon is grateful for the overwhelming level of support.  His ability to connect with many supporters and earn their vote of financial confidence reinforces his formidable candidacy.  Raising $78,000 is a record setting pace for the 83rd district this early in the 2018 election cycle and that signals voters are ready for new leadership with fresh ideas," said campaign chairman Matt Jennings. 
The campaign also continues to gain momentum with endorsements and grassroots support as well.  In addition to the strong amount of donors, the campaign committee has increased in size to over 80 community leaders from Hancock, Hardin and Logan counties. This includes the recent addition of local farmer and small business owner Andy McBride to serve as an additional co-chair for Hardin County.    
Last month, the campaign announced its county leadership team, which included Cheryl Blakely and Edward Ingold co-chairs for Hancock County; Charles VanDyne, Rosalie Elliott, along with Andy McBrice co-chairs for Hardin County; and Doug & LIbby Zimmerman and Mark & Joan Haushalter co-chairs for Logan County.  Additional endorsement announcements will be forthcoming. 
For more information about Jon Cross and his campaign for State Representative, please visit www.votejoncross.com.


Union County Grand Jury Returns Drug Indictments

Union County Grand Jury Returns Drug Indictments For Immediate Release:


On July 28, 2017, the Union County Grand Jury returned indictments on sixteen individuals after a tenmonth investigation conducted by members of the Multi-Agency Drug Task Force (M.A.D.E.). These indictments are the result of the continuing commitment by the task force agencies to fully investigate drug trafficking offenses within Union County.


The following individuals were indicted by the grand jury for their alleged role in drug overdose death investigations, and drug overdose incidents where there was no death but substantial harm was sustained. Brandon Gunner Redd, age 26, of Marysville was indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter, Corrupting Another with Drugs, Possessing Criminal Tools, Possession of Heroin and Possession of Cocaine due to his alleged role in arranging and facilitating the purchase and use of heroin and crack cocaine which resulted in the death of a 21 year old female in the 21000 block of Shirk Road. Wendy Bickley, age 34, of Marysville was indicted for Tampering with Evidence, Deception to Obtain a Dangerous Drug, Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs. Bickley allegedly stole her 35 year old husband’s prescription slip for Hydrocodone and had it filled at a pharmacy, while the husband was in a hospital suffering from symptoms related to a drug overdose. The husband died from the overdose after using a mixture of fentanyl and diazepam. Cody A. Coleman, age 23, and Patric Scheiderer, age 22, both of Marysville were indicted for Corrupting Another with Drugs, Trafficking in Heroin, Possession of Heroin and Possessing Criminal Tools, because they allegedly supplied an individual with drugs that resulted in the person being transported to the hospital, and the individual is still suffering from life altering complications from the drug overdose. Victoria Long, age 25, of Marysville was indicted for Failure to Report a Crime, Involuntary Manslaughter, Permitting Drug Abuse and Trafficking in Drugs due to allegedly not calling 9-1-1 when observing her roommate experiencing overdose symptoms are ingesting heroin, fentanyl and alprazolam that resulted in the roommate’s death in the area of 925 West Fifth Street. Austin Hart, age 23, of Milford Center was indicted for Corrupting Another with Drugs, Trafficking in Heroin, and Possession of Heroin due to Hart allegedly supplying heroin to an individual who experienced an overdose, and had to receive lifesaving treatment from EMS units while being transported to a hospital.


Chief Golden would like the public to know that “there is an immunity law in place for individuals seeking medical intervention for an individual experiencing an overdose. The purpose of the law is designed to give immunity to the caller and the person experiencing the overdose, so the person’s life can be saved. It is not designed for law enforcement to file criminal charges against the caller. In the cases presented to the grand jury, medical intervention was possible to save the lives; however, with the choices made, now the individual is looking at serving several years in prison. I encourage any friend or family member witnessing a drug overdose to call 9-1-1.”


Prosecutor Phillips would like the public to know that “Drug abuse is sometimes thought of as being a victimless crime. That’s not true. Parents and families of addicts suffer, and are often victimized. Tragically, people die from an overdose of illicit narcotics. Many of these deaths are preventable if immediate help is sought. The Task Force and my office will hold accountable those responsible for these needless deaths.” The remaining individuals indicted by the grand jury included Angelica Dawn Stevenson, Mark Bright, Nicholas Monnin, Justin Lendl Leasure, Jason Isaacs, Travis Lively, Aerial Nicole May, Steffanie D. Reiss, Bryan Beverly and Jeffrey Scott Blake. The charges included – Possession of Heroin, Trafficking in Heroin, Possessing Criminal Tools, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, Possession of Cocaine, Trafficking in Cocaine and/or Deception to Obtain a Dangerous Drug.


Sheriff Patton wants the public to know that the task force was formed by himself, Chief Floyd Golden and Union County Prosecutor David Phillips with these types of drug investigations in mind. The officers assigned to the task force specialize in all aspects of drug investigations which are shown from the charges filed. Many times there is not a single source of supply, and the drug investigations overlap both the county's and city's jurisdiction. So, to combat the drug issues it takes everyone working together.


The task force members include the Marysville Police Department, Union County Prosecutor’s Office and the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The task force was assisted by the Union County Coroner’s Office.


Helen Mabrey Shoe Fund Partners with Shoe Sensation

Press Release 

There have been several people wanting to know about the direction that the Helen Mabrey Shoe Fund is going to take since the closing of K-Mart earlier this year. Director Sandra Moore is happy to announce that the details have been finalized with the new shoe store Shoe Sensation in Kenton’s shopping center.

Moore has worked with Shoe Sensation in making the decision of pricing for specific sizes. The Helen Mabrey Shoe Fund is maintained through the Hardin County Business and Professional Women’s Club. After seeing the larger selection of shoes and prices in the new shoe store, the BPW Club has voted to allow for $30 for smaller children’s sizes and $45 for the larger sizes. Shoe Sensation will offer certain brands of shoes with size 7 or smaller for up to $30. It will then offer certain brands of shoes for size 8 and larger for up to $45. If the chosen shoe costs more than allowed for either of the two groups, the parent or guardian will be expected to pay the difference. All parents or guardians are reminded that only ONE pair of shoes a year is allowed per student from this fund and THAT student must be at the store to try on the substantially adequate shoes for selection. The Shoe Sensation staff will work to obtain the correct size for the student’s feet and keep a record for reference. This is for students from kindergarten through grade 12 and does not include preschool in Hardin County.

Moore has completed a new application for shoes and delivered it to Helping Hands in Kenton so that anyone can obtain an application there in a  timely manner. She has already received 157 applications, which can include several children on each, from Hardin County residents. She is working to divide these into groups since the work to select does take some time. She asks for patience from anyone who is requesting shoes. Her plan is to make a mailing about every two weeks which should allow the store to not be hurried and thus be able to provide the appropriate shoe in a timely manner. She must complete approval or disapproval letters which are sent to the applicants and then delivers a list of approved names to Shoe Sensation. Each applicant presents the letter to the staff at Shoe Sensation as no other store will be used for this fund. The first group of approved applicants should receive their letters by August 1.

If anyone needs an application, Director Moore is willing to send one. Please write to the Helen Mabrey Shoe Fund at PO Box 505, Kenton, OH 43326. The PO Box is also used to receive any donations for the shoe fund. Please keep in mind that this fund is tax exempt. Shoe Sensation offers many brand name shoes that are well made or are guaranteed. BPW decided to make a few more brands available for the older students by increasing the allowance to $45, and thus, all donations will be greatly appreciated. Clearance sale shoes are included in the possible choices to make each student feel better about themselves as they begin another year of learning. BPW hopes that this helps to start the school year on the right foot for all Hardin County students.


Kenton Top Twenty Gears Up for Upcoming Competition Season


It’s all about going back to the basics for Kenton Vocal Music Instructor and Top Twenty Director Mr. Todd Daquino.


“So this is the 50th anniversary of Cabaret and we wanted to do something that just was a throwback to what got us here as a Show Choir. Before Top Twenty was a show choir, it was a magical group, but in 1969 we had the first Cabaret and really progressed this way. We thought singing, dancing and music in general.”


Daquino says their show’s songs all revolve around the music theme.


“Our opener is a song called “The Message” made popular by Nate James, and then we go into a swing tune called “Can You Hear The Music?” by the Downchild Blues Band. Our balad is a song from the hit show Smash it’s called “Second Hand White Baby Grand.” Our Guys’ number is a novelty number this year, and it’s called “Air Guitar” by a group McBusted. Our girls number depending on licensing rights is one that we’re still trying to work out right now and we’ll know soon. Our closer then is “Sing” by Pentatoix.”


The group competes in several competitions in and out of Ohio.


“Competitions are important because they kind of give us a Barometer against other schools but against ourselves too, it gives us something to work towards. All the categories we get scored in are important concepts that I’m teaching in music classes, so it’s important that we go and challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be and we have an external award to accomplish it. We are going to six competitions this year.”


Top Twenty Senior Elaina Schaub says that she really enjoys competing.


“I think they’re a lot of fun, honestly. You get to meet a lot of new people from other schools and you get to make new friends, and new memories that everyone can share with each other later on in the future.”



AT ISSUE: Heartbeat of Hardin County

Heartbeat of Hardin County continues to provide services to area residents. Executive Director Julie Zaring talks about what her agency does


“Heartbeat is set up to do free pregnancy tests, help people that are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or even a pregnancy they were planning and ‘oh my goodness, look at all of the cost that’s involved with this and I need help.’ Babies are expensive. We do free pregnancy tests and we can do the verification form for job and family services and for WIC.”


Zaring said there is always something to be done


“We can always use volunteers in different ways to even help with fundraising, to help with putting clothes out, washing clothes, at our meetings we can use help.”


General Election Candidacy Petitions Due Soon

The deadline to file Declaration of Candidacy Petitions for several public offices is fast approaching.


According to a press release from the Board of Elections office, Petitions to run for Township Trustees, School Boards, Village Council, Board of Public Affairs, or local issues must be submitted by August 9th at 4pm at the Board of Elections Office. The general election is November 7th.


The petitions are available at the Board of Elections office in the basement of the Hardin County Courthouse.



Counterfeit Money Seized in Kenton

Counterfeit money was seized in Kenton.


According to the Kenton Police Department report, 95 counterfeit $20 bills were recovered from Breaktime in Kenton in the 700 block of Lima Street.

No further details were provided by the report. The investigation is pending.


Ridgemont Board Honors Beeson


According to a release from Ridgemont Superintendent Emmy Beeson, The board recognized Board Member Corey Ledley for receiving the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education Outstanding Board Member of the Year Award. and Agricultural Education Instructor Stephanie Jolliff for receiving the Carl Perkins Community Service Teacher of The Year.


The board has opted to fill the vacancy of the outgoing Beeson with two retired superintendent. They are Dr. Suzanne Darmer, formerly of Ada, and Ms. Ann Harvey, formerly of the Auglaize County ESC.


The board accepted the resignation of Doug Csikos, and hired Thomas Jarvis and Katie Lafontaine. Jarvis will replace the outgoing Csikos and Lafontaine will be an intervention specialist.


The district is also seeking bids for paving the new student parking lot. The lot will create 104 new spots for students to park.



Parked Car Damaged in Hit-Skip Crash

A hit-skip crash occurred in the 700 block of N. Detroit St. A vehicle was traveling south and struck a parked vehicle owned by Russel Shirk of Kenton. Functional damage occurred to Shirk’s vehicle.


Road Construction Underway in Hardin County

Construction projects are occurring around Hardin County.


The Ohio Department of Transportation is will be removing reflectors on State Route 53 between Patterson and Forest. And on State Route 385.


State Route 31 between Township Road 265 and State Route 273 will be undergo repairs starting August 7th for the bridge repair over Wolf Creek. Traffic will remain open to one lane only at this time.


State Route 195 South of McGuffey remains closed over cottonwood ditch. That project is set to be completed by early August.



Ada VFW Contributes to Ada PD K9 Program

The Ada VFW made a contribution the the Ada Police Department yesterday.


According to a post on the Police Department’s Facebook page, the department has received $1,600 toward the K9 program. The department says they look forward to serving the Ada community with their new K9 member.



Ada Men Arrested on Sex Charges

Two Ada men were arrested on sex related charges.


According to a release from the Hardin County Sheriff's office, Dennis L. Dellifield and Albert L. Mast Sr., both of ada, were arrested yesterday in unrelated incidents.


Dellifield’s charges to 8 different counts of varying severity, but center around pandering nudity and obscenities with a minor. The charges stem from an investigation conducted by the Ada Police Department, Hardin County Sheriff's office, and was assisted by the Hardin County Prosecutor’s office and the Prosecutor’s Tech Crimes Division.


Mast’s charges total 123 counts including 20 counts of Rape and 53 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition. That investigation was led by the Hardin County Sheriff's Office, and assistance was provided by the Morrow County Sheriff's Office, The Hardin County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the Sheriff's and Prosecutor’s Tech Crimes Division.



Several Thefts Reported in Kenton

Several thefts were reported in Kenton.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, officers responded to a report of a lost cell phone within the city.


Also, a Felony offense of breaking and entering occurred the value of the stolen property is listed at $230. A suspect was listed on the report as authorities continue to investigate.



Kenton Hit-Skip Crash Results in DUI

A hit-skip crash occurred in Kenton yesterday.


According to the report provided by the Kenton Police Department report, A vehicle being operated by 51 year old Tracy Sherman of Columbus was traveling northbound on Broadway street in the city when he struck a parked car.


Sherman fled the scene, but was later found when the vehicle broke down. He was transported to OhioHealth Hardin Memorial Hospital via BKP ambulance as drugs and/or alcohol were suspected to be a factor in that crash.


Severe damage occurred to both vehicles. Sherman was charged with Driving Under the Influence.



KHS Gearing Up For School Year

Parents of Kenton High School students should expect to see back to school information soon.


According to a post on the KHS website, information regarding fees, required vaccinations, bussing details, laptop insurance, registration information, and much more will be arriving in mailboxes in the school’s annual “Welcome Back” Newsletter. The school’s main office is now open for questions and concerns.


In that same post, KHS Principal Chad Thrush notes that incomplete schedules were posted online throughout the summer, students are reminded to pick up their final schedules at the annual open house, which is August 14th.



Fire Destroys House on County Road 205


Fire destroyed a house Tuesday afternoon.


The Forest Fire Department was dispatched around noon yesterday to the structure fire in the 21,000 block of County Road 205.


Mutual assistance was provided by fire departments from Kenton, Mt. Victory, Marseilles and Scioto Valley.


The home was listed as a total loss, and the occupants, Mike and Cathy Lawrence, lost everything in the fire.


The Kenton City Schools, where the Lawrence’s are employed, has set up a fund to help the couple.


Donations can be made at the Quest Federal Credit Union.



Theft of Medication Reported


The theft of medication was reported to Kenton Police Tuesday night.


According to the report, a resident in the 1000 block of South Main Street told officers that medication was missing from his apartment.


Two suspects were listed on the report, but they have not yet been charged as the incident remains under investigation.



Kenton Schools Hire New Athletic Director


A new Kenton City Schools Athletic Director was hired Tuesday evening at a special meeting of the Board of Education.


The Board approved a two year contract for Joseph Day to fill the position at a rate of $69,000 for the first year and a 2% increase the next.


Day is from Millersburg, Ohio and was employed at Harvest Preparatory School in Canal Winchester since 2016. He takes over for Mike Leddy who accepted a position with the Findlay City Schools.


Also at the meeting, Dustin Clapsaddle was hired as High School Social Studies teacher. A supplemental contract for Clapsaddle as 8th grade Assistant Football Coach was approved as well.



USV Student Request Change in Graduation Date


An Upper Scioto Valley student requested that the 2018 graduation date be changed to avoid a possible conflict with a sporting event.


The school's graduation is set for May 25, the same day that the high school track regional will be held. The student told the USV Board of Education at this week's meeting that athletes making the regional meet would be forced to choose between participating in the graduation ceremony or competing at the regional.


According to information from the school, the request was taken under advisement by the board, which could decide the issue at the next meeting on August 14.



Unemployment Rates Up Around Region


Unemployment rates for May were released this week by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.


By County in our region:


.Hardin County was at 5.7% which was up from last month rate of 4.3%


.Hancock County 3.9%


.Allen 5.3%


.Auglaize 4%


.Logan County 4.4%


.Union 4.2%


.Marion 5.4%


.Wyandot County 3.9%


All counties saw an increase in the June rate compared to May.



Digital Bookmobile National Tour to Stop in Kenton Saturday


The Digital Bookmobile National Tour is making a stop in Kenton.


New and improved for 2017, the Digital Bookmobile is traveling North America to promote reading happiness through eBooks and audiobooks at local libraries and schools.


In a world on-the-go, more people are using mobile devices to access their next great read and the public library has adapted to deliver digital books available 24/7, anytime and anywhere.


The mobile exhibit will be at Mary Lou Johnson-Hardin County District Library on Saturday July 29 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


The DBM provides an interactive experience for readers of all ages to explore eBooks and audiobooks. Tours are free and open to the community.



Kenton City Council Discusses Downtown Revitalization Plan


The Kenton City Council met in regular fashion Monday evening at the City Building.


Dale Albert, Utilities Director for the City of Kenton, introduced Nathan Frankel, a new employee within the department. Frankel addressed council and said he was looking forward to working with the city and its administration.


The council received a balance sheet from the auditor’s office that reflected a net income loss for the month of June in the General Fund. The sheet indicates that transfers in totaled $296,030.31 while disbursements equaled $495,558.64, leaving the city with a negative monthly balance of minus $199,528.33. The cash fund balance for the General Fund at the end of June shows a positive amount at $679,445.35. President Joel Althauser mentioned during his comments later in the meeting that the council needed to be aware of strict budgetary considerations forthcoming as the city moved into August. City Auditor Brian Hattery seconded the sentiment.


During committee reports, the council heard from:


Cemetery: the Cemetery Board will meet on Monday, August 7 at 7:00pm.


BKP: the BKP Board met last week and hopes to have final drawings for the truck next week.


School Board: the Kenton City Board of Education showed a good carryover from the 2016 fiscal year and provided a list of new teachers to the council.


Under old business, council unanimously voted to pass a piece of legislation to vacate the alley lying  between inlot number 14 of Adam Schneider’s addition and inlot number 90 of A. Letson’s 3rd addition to the city. The legislation had gone the required three readings before being passed.


During new business, council heard five pieces of legislation. One ordinance provided for fund transfers to cover telephone expenses, cleaning supplies, and liability insurance for the City Building. Another ordinance provided for appropriations for repairs to the sewer plant and restocking fish at the quarry; it was pointed out to council that the fish restocking was actually a donation from a private citizen, but had to be accounted for as a line item. Two ordinances addressed amendments to the Kenton Codified Ordinances in regards to lawn negligence and parking violations. Specifically, the amendments provided for prosecution for property owners found to be in violation of the lawn and noxious weed ordinances within city limits. A violation and noncompliance with the ordinance will now be a minor misdemeanor charge. The change takes effect 30 days from Monday night’s council meeting. The amendment for parking violations raises the fee for violating the downtown 2-hour parking limit to $25. Those committing a violation who fail to pay the penalty within 72 hours will be cited into the Hardin County Municipal Court and punished according to Sections 408.01 and 408.02.


One piece of legislation that passed during new business gave a boost to the Downtown Revitalization Plan for the City of Kenton. The ordinance allowed for an appropriation of $50,000 to be transferred to the Downtown Revitalization fund. Councilwoman Teresa Styer explained that OHM, the engineering firm the city has contracted to help plan the scope of the project, had sent a proposal to council to move to the next phase of the project. That phase is to seek funding. The firm estimated that their fees would be $100,000 or less and gave the project committee the option to pay half in 2018 and half as they are billed when work is completed. Styer said that this was exactly what the money the committee started reserving four years ago was meant to go towards. Council President Althauser mentioned that the financing deadlines for the project are coming up quickly, and asked council to consider moving forward with the legislation Monday evening instead of going the full three readings. Councilwoman Styer also mentioned that if the city didn’t act on the project now, under their own terms, then in a few years they would be forced to act based on the aging water and sewer systems and the deteriorating infrastructure. Council voted unanimously to bypass the three reading rule and passed the legislation by an additional unanimous vote. Althauser noted that by passing the legislation, the council was officially accepting the proposal from OHM.


Also during the meeting, the council:


-Heard from Tim Street of Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative, who said that the cooperative had a franchise agreement and a territorial protection agreement that ran out in 2014. He said the cooperative would be reaching out to council to re-establish the agreement.


-Jon Cross, President and CEO of the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance, commended council on moving forward with the downtown revitalization project. Cross told council that there were plans for the project at the Chamber office dating back to 1943, and noted that it was a “historical moment for us.”


-John Schwemer, City Law Director, told council that a petition had been filed on behalf of the Letson Avenue drainage problem mentioned several meetings ago.


-Mayor Randy Manns thanked several individuals for their work with the WOAL swim championships that took place in Kenton last week.


-Jim Hites, Safety Service Director, told council that if they receive comments from city residents about brush and debris from wind storms, they are to advise the individual to contact the city and to have patience. Hites noted that each time the city gets the brush from one storm cleaned up, another storm does additional damage and they have to start over.


-Tim Clark, Fire Chief, notified council that he had received another resignation letter from a firefighter. The department is now short three firefighters. He did recognize Firehouse Subs for a $31,000 grant for equipment and a private citizen, who left the department an additional $5,000 in his will.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be held on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 7:00pm in Council Chambers.



Man Sentenced on Possession of LSD Charge


One person was sentenced recently in Hardin County Common Pleas Court.


According to the document from Clerk of Courts Carrie Haudenshield's Office:


.Jason A. Burd was sentenced to 11 months in prison on one count each of possession of LSD, possession of drug abuse instruments and falsification.


It was ordered to be served consecutively to a case in Union County.


The case was heard by Judge Scott Barrett.



Vandalism Reported at Kenton Meadows Apartments


A vandalism complaint was received by Kenton police on Monday.


According to the report, a suspect placed super glue in all the door locks as well as in the coin slots and locks on the washers and dryers in the common area of Kenton Meadows Apartments.


The damage was listed at around $1000.


The incident is under investigation.



Items Shoplifted at Kenton's WalMart


A theft was reported at Walmart Monday.


According to that report, 2 air conditioning units and a box fan were stolen from the business.


No suspects were listed on the report.



Property From Kenton Pool Found in Y Parking Lot


Property belonging to the city pool was found in the parking lot of the YMCA.


According to that report, the property included a cash register and aluminum roll window for the security enclosure.


Police are investigating the breaking and entering of the pool.


Nothing else was listed as missing.



Bipolar and Depression Support Groups Meets on Wednesday


Shelter From the Storm continues to meet on Wednesday's at the We Care Center.


It is a support group for those suffering from bipolar and depression.


The meeting times are 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


The We Care Center is located at 775 Eliza Street in Kenton.



Kroger Crusaders Golf Outing Scheduled


The Kroger Crusaders Relay For Life Golf Outing is scheduled for Saturday July 29 at Memorial Park Golf Course in Kenton.


Registration will start at 8, and the shotgun start follows at 9.


The registration fee for a four player team is $200.


Food and non-alcoholic beverages are provided, and a silent auction will also be held.


Prizes will be rewarded to the top 3 teams.


All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.



First Saturday Event Continues in Mt. Victory August 5


The Village of Mt. Victory is hosting events all summer long called First Saturday in Mt. Victory.


The next one will be on Saturday August 5th from 5 to 8pm that will feature wine tasting

from Bear Creek, Bokes Creek, Dalton Union, and Shamrock Wineries.


Taylor Street will feature the winery selections, festive lighting, music and the shops will

feature their summer sales.


Participating shops open late.



**UPDATE-Cemetery is Open** Storm Downs Trees and Limbs Around Kenton


A storm blew through Kenton Sunday evening and left behind more downed trees and flooded streets.


High winds and heavy rain came through around 7:30 Sunday evening.


The Kenton Police Department received numerous calls about trees and limbs down as well as flooded roads in the city.


were also several tree limbs that fell in Grove Cemetery as well. The cemetery was closed for several hours Monday while the area was cleared.



Riverdale Girls Soccer Team Wins Invitational in Bowling Green


The Riverdale girls soccer team won the Bowling Green-Otsego invitational over the weeknd.


26 girls soccer teams and 34 boys teams competed at the event.


From our region, the Riverdale and Cory Rawson girls both came to play.


Cory Rawson ended their game play after losses in games 5 and 6.


Riverdale advanced to the championship round, in their division, and won with a score of 4-0 against the Bowling Green home team.



Hit/Skip Crash Reported Friday Night


A hit/skip injury accident occurred around 10:30 this past Friday night on State Route 309 at County Road 175.


According to information from the Hardin County Sheriff's Office, at least one person was transported to the hospital, but no other information is available at this time as the report has not been completed



Road Projects Planned in Kenton This Week


Two road construction projects are scheduled in Kenton later this week.


According to information from Safety Service Director Jim Hites, mill and grind work on Hester Street, between Summit and Columbus Streets, will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, the work will be done on South Leighton Street between Franklin and Espy Streets.


All vehicles need to moved from the street prior to 7:30 on the morning of the projects.


The work is being done weather permitting.



Items Stolen From Vehicles at Westview Estates


Items were stolen from a couple of vehicles at Westview Estates Sunday evening.


According to the reports from the Kenton Police Department, suspicious males were reported in the area and that was followed by calls about the vehicles being entered and items stolen from them.


The incidents remains under investigation.



Arrest on Warrant and Drug Citation Occur From Traffic Stop


One man was sent to Multi County Jail and another was issued a summons for drug paraphernalia on Friday evening.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, an officer on patrol Friday Evening around 7:50pm recognized Jeremy Hastings, who was driving a vehicle in the 300 blk. of N. Leighton St., to have an active warrant for his arrest through Delaware County, Ohio. The vehicle was stopped in the 300 blk. of N. Leighton St. The warrant was confirmed and Hastings was taken into custody on the warrant and transported to Multi County Jail.


The front seat passenger in the vehicle, identified as Seth Rigdon, was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and was issued a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia.



Ada Receives Recognition From Governor's Office


The Village of Ada accepted a recognition last week from the State of Ohio.


According to the Ada Police Department Facebook page, Chief Michael Harnishfeger accepted the recognition from Governor John Kasich's Office for Ada being named one of the Top 50 Safest cities in Ohio by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.


Ada ranked as the 16th safest city in Ohio in the 2017 ranking.



Season Tickets For Hardin County Fair On Sale Next Week


The 2017 Hardin County Fair is just 43 days away and counting.


Season tickets go on sale starting Tuesday August 1. The tickets, which include admission each day of the fair, can be purchased at numerous businesses around Hardin County at a cost of $20.


The fair runs September 5 through the 10th at the fairgrounds in Kenton.



House in Kenton Damaged by Fire


Fire damaged a house at 723 West North Street Thursday night.


According to information from the Kenton Fire Department, firefighters were dispatched to the residence just after 10:00pm.


Upon arrival, thick smoke and fire were visible coming from the front of the house. Heavy damage was reported especially to the interior of the house, which was occupied by Crystal Albert. The fire started in the electric service panel near the clothes dryer.


There were no injuries.


Mutual assistance was provided by fire departments from Dunkirk, McGuffey and Belle Center, and firefighters cleared the scene at around 11:45 Thursday night.



Man Gets Community Control on Burglary Charge


One person was sentenced recently in Hardin County Common Pleas Court.


According to the document from Clerk of Courts Carrie Haudenshield’s Office:


Duane S. Collins was placed on five years community control with conditions on one count of burglary. He must serve 30 days local incarceration.


The case was heard by Judge Scott Barrett.



Kenton Man Sentenced in Wyandot County Court


A Kenton man was sentenced in Wyandot County Common Pleas Court this week in connection to burglaries that occurred in that county.


The Daily Chief Union reported that 21 year old Hayden S. Radabaugh was sentenced to four and a half years in prison on three counts of burglary and two counts of grand theft.


He must also pay his share of restitution together with two co-defendants to the victim.


The case dates back to April of last year.



Bridge Repair Projects on SR 31 to Start Later This Month


Bridge repair projects will impact traffic on State Route 31 beginning Monday July 31.


According to a release from the Ohio Department of Transportation, 31 between Township Road 265 and State Route 273 north of Mt. Victory will be reduced to one lane for bridge repair projects across Painter Creek and Wolf Creek. Work will affect only one bridge at a time, and no lane restrictions will occur during nighttime hours or weekends.


A bigger project will close State Route 31 and traffic will be detoured for 14 days beginning in September.


The project is expected to be completed in early October.



Project Dawn Designed to Train Families on Proper Use of Narcan


Project Dawn has launched in Hardin County.


The program distributes the drug narcan to families to be used in the event of a drug overdose.


One of the agencies participating is the Hardin County Prosecutor's Office, and Prosecutor Brad Bailey said proper training is necessary, The program will train families on how to administer narcan so that they can help save the lives of a loved one while emergency responders are in route. Every second counts when it comes to an overdose victim, and this will give them a fighting chance.”


For the complete discussion, tune in At Issue, Saturday morning at 7:35 on WKTN.



Appreciation Celebration Scheduled For Departing Ridgemont Superintendent


Ridgemont Local Schools will be hosting an Appreciation Celebration honoring Superintendent, Emmy Beeson on July 27, 2017.  


An Appreciation Message will be given at 7:00 pm in the PK-12 Commons with a Social Hour to follow.  


All staff, students, colleagues, friends, and community members are invited to attend and wish her success as she starts a new chapter in her life.


Beeson accepted the position as the Superintendent of Tolles Career and Technical Center in Plain City, Ohio.


Phase 2 of Revitalization Plan to be Considered by City Council Monday


Legislation to consider moving on to the second phase of the Kenton downtown revitalization project will be introduced at the July 24 council meeting.


OHM Advisors estimates that the next phase will cost the city $100,000 or less that will be billed as the work is completed. The city currently has $100,000 in its capital improvement account. That is money saved over the past 4 years knowing that these kind of improvements would eventually be needed in Kenton.


Also at Monday's meeting, legislation to transfer $50,000 from the capital improvement account to a line item for the downtown project will be introduced. The funds would pay the first $50,000 that will be incurred by OHM's work.



Project Dawn Aims to Combat Drug Overdose Deaths


A new program called Project Dawn has been launched in Hardin County.


Diana Carroll-Agdan from the Kenton Hardin Health Department said it's a collaboration between several agencies in the county, "The Prosecutor's Office, Hardin Memorial Hospital, the Sheriff's Office and the Coroner's Office, so it's a collaboration with these agencies in order to combat the drug overdose and deaths in Hardin County."


The complete discussion can be heard on At Issue this Saturday morning at 7:35 on WKTN.



Wine and Chocolate Walk is Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day for the Wine and Chocolate Walk sponsored by the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance.


The event runs from 5 until 9 Friday July 21 in downtown Kenton.


Jesse Purcell, the Director of Chamber and Tourism, said it offers something for everyone, "They're walking through the downtown. We're going to have some pop up vendors, so they can stop and visit the pop up vendors. They do their shopping, so really at the end of the day, the Wine and Chocolate Walk is about wine, chocolate and shopping. If you don't like wine, we've got chocolate. If you don't like chocolate, we've got wine and we've got shopping."



AEP Says Attaching Signs to Utility Poles is Dangerous For Employees


For those planning on having a yard sale or other event this summer, AEP Ohio is reminding residents about the dangers of posting signs to utility poles.


According to a release from the utility company, the practice creates unsafe working conditions for its employees.


Objects used to hang signs — such as staples, tacks and nails — can obstruct climbing equipment, causing a worker to slip or fall. They can also tear the protective clothing that protects a worker from electricity. Even the tiniest pinhole in a glove is enough to cause a burn or other injury.


AEP Ohio is urging individuals not to post signs on utility poles for businesses, events or any other purpose.  Not only is it dangerous, but in some areas it is illegal.



United Way Set to Kick Off 2018 Campaign Aug 17


It's getting closer to kicking off the United Way of Hardin County campaign.


According to their Facebook page, the United Way will be having their annual kickoff campaign  starting at 7am on Thursday August 17 at St. John's Church Fellowship Hall.


In addition, tickets for the mini football drop are on sale now. You can contact any board member or buy them at the United Way Office 225 South Detroit Street in Kenton.


They are five dollars each for a chance to win up to $1000.



Numerous Thefts From Vehicles Reported Tuesday


Several complaints about theft from vehicles were taken by the Kenton Police Department.


According to information on the day log of the police department, up to six calls were received Tuesday. The incidents occurred around the city during the previous overnight period.


They are under investigation.



Ada Woman Injured in Early Morning Crash


An Ada woman was injured in a one vehicle crash early this morning in Ada.


According to Ada Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger, 23 year old Kiana Barrows was turning from Lehr onto Johnson Street and her vehicle struck a telephone pole.


Barrows was transported to Lima Memorial Hospital by Ada Liberty EMS for treatment of minor injuries.


She was cited for failing to maintain reasonable control.



Kenton Schools Searching for New Athletic Director


The Kenton City Schools is in the process of hiring a new athletic director.


Following the resignation of Mike Leddy, Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski said they have a number of applicants to consider to fill the position. Leddy announced at the board of education meeting this past Monday night that he has accepted a position with the Findlay City Schools.


Penczarski said they have big shoes to fill, adding that Leddy has done a great job. She said they hope to have someone hired by the special board meeting on July 25.



AAA Says Car Break Downs are Common in Hot Weather


With high temperatures forecasted near 90 degrees this week, AAA expects an increased number of vehicle breakdowns.


Automotive experts say many of these breakdowns can be prevented with the following routine maintenance:  


.Check tire pressure and condition monthly


.Check battery twice a year


.Maintain engine cooling system


.Top off fluids


Even with proper maintenance, summer breakdowns can still occur. AAA recommends every driver have an emergency kit in their vehicle, which includes plenty of water, non-perishable food items, jumper cables, a flashlight with extra batteries, emergency reflectors, basic hand tools and a first aid kit.



Visitors of County Fair Livestock Exhibits Reminded to Wash Hands


Ohio’s fair season is underway across the state and leaders at the Ohio Departments of Agriculture and Health are reminding Ohioans to practice good hygiene when visiting livestock exhibits this summer.


Visitors should always wash their hands with soap and water before and after petting or touching any animal. Never eat, drink or put anything in your mouth in animal areas. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to leave strollers outside the animal exhibits and carry small children. Older adults, pregnant women, young children and people with weakened immune systems should consider avoiding animal areas.


Fair guests who experience illness should contact a medical professional, and their local health district.



Hardin County Fair Board President Howard Lyle said that the fair will continue to have hand-washing stations outside of animal exhibit barns, and hand sanitizing stations inside livestock barns.
Posted reminders will also be available at various locations.
The Fair Board encourages everyone to take advantage of those resources.


Kenton City Schools Handles Personnel Business, Approves Fees

The Kenton City Schools Board of education met last night.


Light action was handled as the board approved various personnel items regarding hiring, contract approval, and approval of resignations. The board also approved fees and rates for the upcoming school year.


The Board approved the written resignations of:

Brenda Ames - KES 6th grade teacher and 6th grade team lead
Jennifer Ewing - KES 3rd grade teacher
Jordan Nicol - KHS Social Studies teacher

Approve the hiring of:

Brooke Boznango, KES 6th grade teacher

Monica Miller, KMS Intervention Specalist

Alexandria Massaro, KES Intervention Specalist

Kelly MacDonald, KES 4th Grade Teacher

Approve employee contracts for:

Bryan Clawson - Transportation Supervisor
Lisa Cochensparger - Administrative Assistant
Amy Collins - Administrative Assistant
Doug Comstock - Maintenance Supervisor
John Dean - Asst. Tech. Coordinator
Linda Dickerson - Administrative Assistant
Jerry Flowers - Asst. Maint. Supervisor
Misty Walters - Administrative Assistant

Regina Comstock - Cafeteria Supervisor
Brian Ulrich - Asst. Trans. Supervisor
Anne Winings - Asst. School Psychologist
Robin Miller - Data Management

Mike Leddy, who is the Kenton City Schools Athletic Director, resigend at the meeting. He will be staying with the district through the end of the month.


Employee Supplemental contracts approved:

David Clifford - Drill Team
Mark Federle - Rifle Team
Mark Federle - JROTC Orienteering
Beth Frey - Third grade co-team lead
Tomi Cheney - Third grade co-team lead
Jeremy Reed - Sixth Grade Team Lead
Alexandria Massaro - 7th grade Volleyball coach

Approve the following fees for the 2017-2018 school year:


Kenton High School:
ACC or Physical Science - $10.00
ACC Biology & Biology - $15.00
ACC Chemistry - $15.00
Art I & II - $20.00
Art III & IV - $30.00
Choir - $20.00
Anatomy/ Physiology - $20.00
Band - $40.00
Phys. Ed. Locker rental - $1.00
Physical Geology - $5.00
Physics - $10.00
Spanish I - $20.00
Technology - $5.00


Kenton Middle School:  $50.00


Kenton Elementary School: 
Preschool:  $40.00
K-6th grade:  $40.00


Man Facing Drug Charges Following Traffic Stop


A Kenton man is facing possible drug charges following a routine traffic stop Monday evening.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, officers stopped a vehicle in the 100 block of South High Street following a traffic violation.


The driver, identified as 52 year old Richard Clark was allegedly in possession of what appears to be 7 doses of heroin, which was sent to the lab for analysis.


Clark was issued a citation for driving under suspension and a turn signal violation. Other charges are pending.



County Fairs Around the Region in Full Swing


Two county fairs in Logan and Marion Counties in our region are done, but that means there are six still to come for the 2017 season.


The next fair up is the Union County Fair is Marysville which runs July 23 through the 28. After that, you can take in the Auglaize County Fair in Wapakoneta from July 30 through August 5, followed by the Allen County Fair in Lima August 18 through the 26. Then it's the Hancock County Fair in Findlay from August 30 through September 4, the Hardin County Fair in Kenton September 5 through the 10, and finally the Wyandot County Fair in Upper Sandusky runs September 12 through the 17.


If that’s not enough, you can take in the Ohio State Fair in Columbus July 26 through August 6.



Kenton Kids Day Coming This Weekend


Kenton Kids Day is set for this Saturday at Wharton Memorial Park.


The event will feature inflatables, laser tag, pony rides, face painting and a lot more.


Everything is free, including food, thanks to generous donations.


Kenton Kids day will go from noon until 3 this coming Saturday July 22.



Junior Fair Entries Due at End of July


Halfway through July means that the Junior Fair Entries are due soon.


According to the Hardin County Fair Facebook page, the deadline is July 31st.


You must submit entries online at hardin.fairwire.com.


Remember that you must re-register each year. Your login information from last year was deleted, and will not work.


If you have questions or problems with the online system, contact the Fair Secretary’s office as soon as possible. No late entries will be accepted.



Ceremony Honoring Civil War Veteran Scheduled For Saturday


Jacob Parrott Camp 33 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War will be hosting a ceremony honoring Hardin County’s Last Surviving Civil War Soldier, Private John H. Smick this Saturday, July 22. at Grove Cemetery in Kenton.


The event, which starts 10am, is free and the public is invited to attend the ceremony honoring Private Smick for his service during the war.


Brad Bailey will be the featured speaker at the ceremony and speak about the life and career of John Smick.


Smick was elected as Hardin County Prosecuting Attorney in 1879, serving in the post for more than five years.


For additional information contact Ronald Marvin, Jr. at 443-510-5162.



Child Reportedly Raped in Kenton


A possible rape of a child is being investigated by Kenton police.


According to the report, a 7 year old girl was listed as the victim. The incident allegedly occurred in the 800 block of Morningside Drive.


A 48 year old man is listed as the suspect.


So far no charges have been filed as the incident remains under investigation.



Vehicle Stolen; Recovered Next Day


A vehicle was stolen from a residence in Kenton over the weekend.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, the car was parked  in the 200 block of North High Street with the keys inside and the motor running when it was taken.


The car was recovered the next day.



Theft; Counterfeit Money at Village Pantry


Money was reportedly stolen from the Village Pantry in Kenton.


According to the Kenton Police Department, In total sixty dollars in cash is suspected to have been stolen. There was also suspicion there was counterfeit bills within the store.


That incident is under investigation.



KFD Holds 2nd Annual Golf Scramble

The Kenton Firefighters Local Union 2648 held their second annual golf scramble Saturday. The scramble attracted 27 teams in total, filling up the course.


Firefighter Tate Peterson explains what the funds will be used for.


“We are very involved with the community with fire prevention, we are also involved with raising money for breast cancer. We’ve also been using the money to donate to other firefighters who are in need.”

Peterson estimates that the scramble raised approximately $5,000. Part of those funds go to fire prevention week programming for elementary school students.


“Every year during fire prevention week we go and do poster contests. In the past we have also done Firefighter Phil. We’re going to start doing more and be more involved with [fire prevention week].”

The Union is selling breast cancer awareness t-shirts through the end of the month. If you are interested, Peterson asks you to go to the fire station, or to call (419) 673-1235.


Four Sentenced in Common Pleas Court


Four people were sentenced recently in Hardin County Common Pleas Court.


According to documents from Clerk of Courts Carrie Haundenschield’s Office:


.Quentin L. Austin was sentenced to four years in prison on one count of robbery.


.Alisha R. Wynegar was sentenced to nine months in prison on one count of attempted tampering with evidence.


The following two individuals were each placed on five years community control with conditions:


.Cristina M. Ratliff on one count each of theft and theft from a person in a protected class. She was ordered to pay $2300 in restitution to the victims.


.Larry J. Trenton one count of aggravated trafficking in drugs.


All cases were heard by Judge Scott Barrett.



Kenton Firefighters Local 2648 Holding Golf Scramble


The 2nd Annual Kenton Firefighters Local 2648 Golf Scramble will take place Saturday July 15 at the Veteran’s Memorial Golf Course in Kenton.


Registration starts at 8, and the shotgun start is at 9 Saturday morning.


The registration fee for a four person team is $200. That includes, a round of golf, two golf carts, a drink, a meal and door prizes.


Anyone interested is welcome to participate.


The proceeds from the golf outing go to support the department’s fire prevention program.


In addition, the firefighters will be selling breast cancer awareness t-shirts at the Relay For Life event in downtown Kenton tonight (Friday). The  proceeds will be given to a cancer support group.



Ribbon Cutting Held For Community Garden


A ribbon cutting ceremony was held this week for the Table One Community Garden.


According to release from the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance, the Table One Community Garden is a project started by Corey and Jenn McMurray and Tricia and Corey Templeton.


It is an effort to bring the community together. The help of the community was sought in creating the layout for the garden, and Kenton High School sophomore Tim Jewett submitted the winning idea.


The garden, which has ten garden boxes, is located at 717 South Wayne Street  in Kenton.



Pop Up Stores to be Part of Wine and Chocolate Walk


In addition to several downtown businesses, there will be pop up stores operating next Friday as part of the Wine and Chocolate Walk sponsored by the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance.


Jacqueline Fitzgerald, the Director of Community Development, said pop up stores are really big these days, “People will use pop up stores to gauge interest in a business. If they have success at them, then owners will often seek to open store front properties.”


The event will be held next Friday July 21 and for the complete discussion, tune in At Issue, Saturday  morning at 7:35 on WKTN, or check out the At Issue Podcast on your mobile device or on WKTN.com.



Kenton Native Serving at U.S. Navy Missile Defense Site in Romania

DEVESELU, Romania – A Kenton High School graduate and Kenton, Ohio native is part of a new and unique Navy command providing critical missile defense to a large part of Europe.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Sylas Smith is a construction mechanic serving at Naval Support Facility Deveselu, one of the Navy’s newest commands defending against the threat of ballistic missiles.
A Navy construction mechanic is responsible for general repair and maintenance of all civil engineering support equipment on base.
“The best thing about my job is being a Seabee; no matter where we are, I like being the go-to guy to get it fixed,” said Smith.
NSF Deveselu is the first Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Facility placed into operation, providing support to NATO’s overall ballistic missile defense system. Commissioned in October 2014, the installation is home to U.S. Navy Sailors who work with their Romanian partners to defend against the threat of a ballistic missile attack.
“The importance of our Sailors’ mission in Romania can’t be overstated,” said Capt. Jon Grant, commander NSF Deveselu. “Because we are here, our combatant commanders have a lot of flexibility to position their sea-based missile defense assets where they’ll have the largest strategic impact, and that wouldn’t be possible without our Sailors stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the park 24/7, 365 days a year.”
Assigned to U.S. 6th Fleet, sailors are on watch throughout the European region and are important assets supporting the European Phased Adaptive Approach to enhance the security of that area of the world from ballistic missile, according to Navy officials.
Navy personnel at NSF Deveselu are supported in their efforts by forward deployed units in Rota Spain, such as the Arleigh-Burke class guided-missile destroyers USS Ross (DDG 71), USS Porter (DDG 78), USS Carney (DDG 64), and USS Donald Cook (DDG 75). Having four destroyers based in Rota gives the U.S. 6th Fleet flexibility to send these ships to a variety of locations for a range of missions, while at the same time providing a large umbrella of protection for European allies.
Approximately 200 officers and enlisted men and women are stationed in Deveselu. Their highly-specialized jobs are critical to mission success, according to Navy officials.
“Being able to spend time working as a supervisor here and making sure programs are running correctly gives me a sense of pride,” said Smith.
Living abroad is challenging, Navy officials explained. The young men and women are highly motivated, and quickly adapt. The sacrifices are worthwhile to ensure the safety of our allies and loved ones back home.
Supporting this important mission, Smith explained that his fellow service members know they are part of a legacy that will last beyond their lifetimes.
“I joined the Navy because I felt like I needed to serve my country and I always have a sense of pride when I talk about it,” said Smith.


-UPDATE- Flooding Reported in Northern Hardin County From Heavy Rains


Heavy rains fell on already saturated ground around Hardin County during the overnight.


That has resulted in flooding issues on county roads.



Residence in Forest under water


The biggest problems have been reported in the northern half of the county.



High water in parking lot of Forest business



All state routes in Hardin County are now open according to the Ohio Department of Transporation, however state routes in Hancock and Wyandot Counties remain closed. They are as follows:


Hancock County:
.U.S. 68
.U.S. 224
.State Route 37
.State Route 186
.State Route 235
.State Route 568
.State Route 698
.U.S. 68/state Route 15, near the airport
.The ramp from I-75 southbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15 is closed due to flooding.
.State Route 12 east of I-75, Findlay, is closed under the direction of the city of Findlay.
Wyandot County:
.State Route 103
.State Route 568
.State Route 294




The Hardin County Sheriff’s Office said several county and township roads are covered with water in places. If you encounter a road with water, do not attempt to cross it, because you don’t know how deep it is, and your vehicle can become stalled in the water leading to a dangerous situation.



Thanks to Andrew Stump for sending this photo in from Dunkirk, where farmers report receiving 3.9 inches of rain.


There is a Flash Flood Watch in effect until 4 Friday morning.




Information Being Sought on Suspected Arson Fire Last Week


The Hardin County Fire & Explosion Investigation Team is seeking information regarding a suspected arson fire that occurred last week.


The fire heavily damaged a house owned by Gary Oates.


Mt. Victory Fire Chief Dennis Hinton said firefighters were dispatched just after 11pm on July 4. The house is located in the 23,000 block of County Road 144.


Anyone with any information about the fire, should contact Detective Mike Conley at the Hardin County Sheriff's Office (419)673-1268.



Ridgemont School Board Holds Special Meeting

The Ridgemont Board of Education released information on a Special Board Meeting held Wednesday evening.
The board took care of personnel itmes including:
The Ridgemont Board of Education accepted the resignation of Teresa Swartz (Intervention Specialist) and Adam Baumgartner (7-12 Science) at tonight’s special Board meeting.  The BOE approved Kevin Wingfield to fill the 7-12 science vacancy.
Facilities issues were also discussed:
The purpose of the special meeting was to approve payment to Buchenroth Excavating and The Shelly Company for excavating and stone for an additional parking lot behind the new PreK-12 Building.  The additional parking lot will provide 104 extra spaces for the district.  The current amount of parking designed through the state project manual is not enough for daily use and evening events.  This motion allows the initial phase to be completed prior to the start of school with final paving to come later in the year.
And the Superintendent’s Position was also presented:
At the June 29th Board of Education Meeting, Ridgemont’s Board voted to post the newly vacated superintendent’s position to look for an interim for the 2017-2018 school year.  In an effort to bring the highest quality candidate to the district who would be fervently committed to Ridgemont’s direction, the Board informed the Ohio School Board Association, the Buckeye Association of School Administrators, the Auglaize County ESC and the Midwest Regional ESC of their intent to look for an interim.  Since this time, Emmy Beeson, by direction of the Board, has begun to investigate possible candidates.   The BOE will consider candidates and is hopeful to have an interim in place at the July 27th meeting as they consider a succession plan for the following years.


OSU Extension Baby Chick Orders Have Arrived


Baby chicks ordered through OSU Extension will be arriving soon.


According to the Hardin County 4-H Facebook page, if you ordered chicks through the OSU Extension office, they will arrive today (July 13).


You are asked to please pick them up at the extension office soon after 11:30 this (Thursday) morning.



Wine and Chocolate Walk Scheduled For July 21


The Wine and Chocolate Walk is scheduled for Friday July 21.
Several downtown Kenton businesses are participating in the event, which Jesse Purcell, the Director of Chamber and Tourism for the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance, said brings people together, "This is great for the ladies and even couples to spend time together and enjoy the wine and chocolate and shopping as they enjoy each other's company."
For the complete discussion, tune in At Issue, this Saturday morning at 7:35 on WKTN, or check out the At Issue Podcast on your mobile device or on WKTN.com.


Food Trucks Added To Friday's Relay For Life

The annual relay for life event is an event that raises money for cancer research through the American Cancer Society.


As for the local relay, the theme this year is baseball as the group “strikes out cancer.” The survivor dinner registration starts at four o’clock, with dinner to follow at five.


The festivities kick off at six o’clock with the opening ceremonies, and survivor lap on the North side of the Courthouse square. “Local Heroes” will be at eight o’clock, and is set to recognize law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and teachers. At ten o’clock, the luminaria ceremony will commence, where the group will honor those who have lost their battle with cancer.


New this year, are food trucks at the event, featuring a variety of cuisines.


Just like years previous, there will be Thunder Alley.


“Thunder alley is where a bunch of motorcycles come in and will do our survivor lap, which is the first thing we do.They will line the street, and as we walk they will rev their engines.” Explains Event Lead Amy Cyrus.


Plenty of entertainment activities are available at the event, which is open to the public. You can find more information on Facebook, by searching Relay for Life of Hardin County, Cyrus just asks that you look for the Hardin county of Ohio. If you would like to get involved, or donate to the cause, you are urged to attend the event, or reach out online.


Kolt Buchenroth be broadcasting from Relay for Life during a live remote, make sure you join me tomorrow starting at six, on WKTN.


ONU Students Participate in Club Roar


Ohio Northern University students have gained valuable experience while mentoring elementary students.


According to the ONU Facebook page, for the past two years, Ohio Northern has partnered with Kenton Elementary to run Club  the grant-funded program, and it has been a great opportunity for ONU education students to both hone their skills and realize the true importance of their profession.


Club ROAR takes places after school at Kenton Elementary for 45 minutes two days a week. During each session, elementary students are broken up into groups, or “clubs,” of five to 10 students and spend time doing different activities under the direction of college students.


The outcomes for ONU students have been well worth it. A total of 12 ONU students across multiple disciplines participated in Club ROAR this past school year, with two returning for their second year. One student who graduated in December was even hired by Kenton Elementary School as a long-term substitute, in part due to her involvement with Club ROAR.



Hardin County Players Present Spectaculation


The Hardin County Players present the Brothers Grimm "Spectaculathon" for the next two weekends.


The show will be presented July 14 through the 16 and the 21-23 at the Cafetorium in the Upper Scioto Valley School in McGuffey.


Friday and Saturday shows start at 7 and Sundays at 3.


Ticket prices are $7.00. Kids 5 and under and students Kindergarten through 12 grades are free.



Free DMV Practice Tests At Library Website


Free Ohio DMV practice tests are available at the Mary Jou Johnson Library website.


The tests are good for the permit test, driver's license test and senior citizen's test. They include tests for cars, motorcycles and CDL.


Just visit m l j library.org and look for the link to take the practice test.



High Winds Blow Through Area Overnight


The sound of chainsaws is common today as residents clean up from storms that blew through the area early this morning.


There's a car in there somewhere...in the 400 block of East Columbus Street


The Kenton Police Department was inundated with calls concerning down trees and tree limbs throughout the city. Those included a tree that fell onto a house on Scott Avenue, a tree down on Long Street, large tree limbs falling on a car in the 400 block of East Columbus Street as well as numerous other calls from around Kenton. In addition officers notified American Electric Power concerning multiple lines down. There are no reports of outages at this time.


This tree fell on Long Street


he high straight line winds blew through around 1:30 this morning. The storm also brought heavy rain which flooded streets. A flash flood watch is in effect through today.



Home Fire Drills Should Include Pets


Home fires are the single most common disaster across the nation.


According to the Red Cross, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by fires annually, and 1,000 fires are started each year by pets.


The Red Cross recommends creating a disaster plan that includes pets such as: having a safety plan, displaying a pet rescue decal, keeping a pet carrier handy, having a pet bag and proper identification.


Preventative care is always the best according to the Red Cross release. Residents are encouraged to make sure candles are blown out, check stove knobs to ensure they are off and have a fire extinguisher on hand to keep small fires from getting out of hand.



New Building at Grove Cemetery Discussed at Kenton City Council Meeting

Kenton City Council handled light business at their first July Meeting. Councilwoman Antwilla Davis said that the Kenton American Legion was donating the funds to erect a building for a safe place to conduct graveside services at Grove Cemetery. That project is expected to be completed by the Fall of this year.


It was also noted at the meeting that the Kenton Kids Day would be held July 22nd from 12:00 noon until 3:00pm. Mayor Randy Manns noted that the event is set to be bigger and better than year previous.


Council moved to vacate an alleyway in the city, and moved the vacation of another alleyway on to third reading.


Councilwoman Teresa Styer said that legislation would be forthcoming as the Kenton Downtown Revitalization Plan moves forward.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council Will be held July 24th at 7:00pm in Council Chambers.


Voice of the Wildcats Dies at 59


Gary Lowe, the long-time sports director at WKTN, passed away on Saturday.


“The Voice of the Wildcats”, Gary Lowe was the sports director at WKTN for over three decades. A strong advocate for Hardin County, Lowe traveled the state of Ohio to bring a wide variety of sports to the listeners of 95.3 FM. A 1976 graduate of Kenton High School, Lowe was perhaps best known for his years covering the Kenton Wildcat sports program but was also a passionate supporter of all the county schools.


In addition to broadcasting state championship victories for the Kenton football team and the Upper Scioto Valley boys and girls basketball teams, Lowe covered state tournament games for Ada, Hardin Northern and Riverdale in his 30-plus years of work on WKTN.


Lowe was inducted into the Hardin County Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.



Theft of Prescription Medicine Reported


A theft was reported to Kenton police on Sunday.


According to the report, a suspect stole prescription medicine from a residence in the 900 block of South Wayne Street.


A 20 year old man was listed as the suspect, but so far no charges have been filed as the incident remains under investigation.



Kenton Man Arrested Following Domestic Incident


A Kenton man was arrested on charges of endangering children.


According to the report provided by the Kenton Police Department, officers responded to a report of domestic violence in the 13,000 block of West Street in the city.


Officers arrested Stormy B. Keim on those charges.


Alcohol and Drugs are suspected to have been used in that incident.



Arson Reported in Kenton Saturday


An arson was reported to the Kenton Police Department early Saturday morning.


According to that report, officers responded to the 300 block of N. Detroit St.


A suspect was listed on that report, but no charges have been filed as the incident remains under investigation.



Hardin County Property Tax Deadline Approaching


Hardin County Treasurer Denise Althauser reminds property owners that Real Estate tax payments are due Wednesday July 12.


The last day to pay manufactured home or trailer tax without a penalty is Wednesday July 26, 2017.


If you have any questions, contact the Treasurer's Office located on the second floor of the Hardin County Courthouse or call 419-674-2246.



OSP Traffic Stops Yield More Than Just Traffic Violations


Traffic enforcement efforts from Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers have yielded more than just traffic violation citations.


More than 860,000 grams of marijuana and 26,000 grams of heroin have been seized in the first half of 2017.

During traffic stops, troopers are trained to look beyond the initial violation for possible indicators of criminal activity.

According to a release from Lt. Matt Crow, Findlay Post Commander, troopers made 8399 total drugs arrests in the first half of the year. That is a 12% increase compared to 2016.


Around the region, there were 2 felony cases and drug arrests made in Hardin County, 7 in Wyandot County, 19 in Hancock County, 30 in Allen, 2 in Logan, 25 in Union, 13 in Auglaize and 43 in Marion County.


Motorists are reminded that public participation is critical to highway safety. Call # 677 to report impaired drivers or drug activity.



Two Sentenced This Week in Common Pleas Court


Two people were sentenced recently in Hardin County Common Pleas Court.


According to documents from Prosecutor Brad Bailey’s Office, the following two individuals were each placed on five years community control with conditions:


.Jerred L. Tackett on one count of possession of heroin.


.Flora L. Humphreys, also known as Flora L. Mendenhall, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.


Both cases were heard by Judge Scott Barrett.



Tree Town Festival in Forest Gets Started Tonight


The always great Tree Town Festival gets started this evening in Forest.


The parade lines up at 5:30 with judging at 6 at the soccer field. The parade moves out at 6:30 followed by the opening ceremonies at the Gormley Park entrance on Mary Street.


Lots of activities are planned including the Columbus Blue Jackets Mobile Tour presented by OhioHealth which will be at 7 this evening.


Numerous sporting events are scheduled for Saturday as well as rides and games, and of course lots of great food. The night will be capped off with fireworks display.


The event concludes Sunday with the Community Church in the Park with Guest Speakers Travis Freeman and Marlana VanHoose.


The Tree Town Festival is sponsored by the Forest Fire Department and Jackson-Forest Emergency Medical Services.



Fraud Incident Reported by Kenton Bank


A fraud was reported to Kenton Police on Wednesday.


According to the report, officers were dispatched to Liberty National Bank to investigate the incident, which involved a fraudulent transaction in the amount of $21,700.


A woman from Avon, Ohio was listed as a suspect, but no charges have been filed as the incident remains under investigation.



Red Cross in Need of Blood Donors


The American Red Cross is facing a critical blood shortage and is issuing an emergency call for eligible blood and platelet donors of all blood types to give now and help save lives.


Blood donations have fallen short of expectations for the past two months, resulting in about 61,000 fewer donations than needed and causing a significant depletion of the Red Cross blood supply.


Upcoming blood donation opportunities for July include:


Ada on July 17 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. at Visiting Nurses & Hospice, 1200 S. Main St.


Kenton on July 24 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.at First Baptist Church, 11543 County Road 175.



Royalty Candidates Announced For Tree Town Festival


Royalty candidates for the 2017 Tree Town Festival have been announced.


This year, there are is one Queen, King and Princess candidates. They are Ashlyn Fadley, Aiden Vent and Paige Courtad respectively.


There are two candidates for Prince. They are Gage Neville and Landon Holland.


The six baby candidates are Kaylee Kromer, Jordan Nelson, Braelynn Kugler, Raelynn Vanderpool, Chandler Mathison and Lillian Fuller.


The winners, who are determined by the most festival tickets sold by the contestants, will be announced after the parade on Friday July 7.


The Tree Town Festival will be held July 7, 8 and 9 at Gormley Park in Forest.



UPDATE: Drug Buy Operation Leads to Arrests


The Hardin County Crime Task Force assisted by the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office, Kenton Police Department, Hardin County Special Response Team, BKP Ambulance District , Hardin County Prosecutor's Office and the Hardin County Dog Warden conducted a drug buy operation in conjunction with other drug raids in the City of Kenton.


According to a release, a search warrant was served at 120 Brumm St. Kenton Ohio, during which two canines were removed and secured.


In conjunction with the service of the search warrant on Brumm Street, a drug buy operation resulted in a traffic stop in the area of Hardin Memorial Hospital.


During this stop one adult male, identified as Colby Rodgers and one adult female identified as Amanda Williams were taken into custody.


115 hits of heroin were seized, along with drug abuse instruments.


Both subjects were arrested on Drug Possession and Trafficking in Drugs charges and were booked into the Multi-County Correctional Center.



Fire Damages House on CR 144 Tuesday Night


Fire damaged a house Tuesday night in the 23,000 block of County Road 144.


According Mt. Victory Fire Chief Dennis Hinton, firefighters were dispatched just after 11 last night to the house, which is owned by Gary Oates.


Chief Hinton said moderate damage occurred to the house, and the cause is under investigation. He did call the fire "suspicious" in nature.


One firefighter was treated and released at Hardin Memorial Hospital for smoke inhalation.


Mutual assistance was provided by fire departments from Kenton and Marseilles. Firefighters were on the scene for several hours.



Kenton Woman Injured in Monday Crash


A Kenton woman was injured in a two vehicle crash that occurred on East Columbus Street in Kenton this past Monday afternoon.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, 34 year old Melissa Good was driving east on Columbus when a car driven by 17 year old Estrada Romero, of Kenton, pulled into her path from the McDonald’s parking lot.


The resulting collision caused heavy damage to both vehicles. Good was transported to Hardin Memorial Hospital by BKP Ambulance.


Romero was cited for failing to yield the right of way.



Burglary in Progress Reported Tuesday Evening


A Kenton man is facing aggravated burglary charges after he was arrested Tuesday evening.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, officers were dispatched to 398 E. Forest Road to investigate a burglary in progress.


Kenton firefighters were dispatched to the scene when it was discovered that the bed and some clothing had been set on fire resulting in minor damage.


The suspect, identified as 26 year old Deven Disbennett, of Kenton, was arrested and transported to the Multi County Jail in Marion. Charges are pending.



Hardin County Ag Society Conducts Monthly Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, July 1, 2017, at the Hardin County Fairgrounds for their monthly board meeting.  Twenty directors were present and 17 guests were present.
Howard Lyle, President, called the meeting to order.
Mark Badertscher, representing the OSU Extension Office, stated that the Hardin County Farm Bureau is interested in purchasing some trees for the fairgrounds.  This interest was sent to the ground’s committee.
Maryilyn Bidwell stated some rugs in the community building have come up missing and 2 more need to be purchased.  Pete Fout stated he would take care of that.
Brad Murphy spoke on behalf of the Executive Committee.  He brought up the issue of security concerns and foot traffic through the secretary’s office during the week of the fair.  The executive committee wanted the secretary’s office door locked after 12:00 on Tuesday of the fair and for it to stay locked the duration of the fair.  The Executive committee’s thought was to have all foot traffic and fair issues diverted to the fair office, with the concession’s office issues to be routed through there as well.  This request was voted down 13 to 6 after hearing issues of why it shouldn’t be done that way by the concession’s dept.  This issue will continue to be researched by the concession’s dept. and the executive dept.
Craig Stump also spoke on behalf of the Executive Committee about horse fun shows occurring during horse 4-H clubs designated work out nights.  This issue is going to be talked in more depth with the horse council.  A work session for the executive committee was formed to talk about the amount of meal tickets being used during the week of the fair and money spent on the OFMA convention by the fair board directors each year.  That meeting is set for Tuesday, July 11th at 6:30pm.  The board moved to have some consignment sale money and off season camping money transferred to a capital improvement fund.  
Jim Bidwell spoke on behalf of the Grounds Committee.  It was noted the Ohio Ag. Society Facilities Grant was finished this week and the last request for payment was turned in.  Three trees on the fairgrounds have been cut down, due to dyeing.  Kelly Buchenroth spoke about the ventilation project that is being worked on for the dairy beef feeder barn.  Taylor Creek Lads and Lassies have been fundraising for this project and have donated $5,650 so far for the fans.  Each fan cost $2,841, plus shipping.  The board moved to purchase 2 fans for the dairy beef feeder barn.  The board also moved to purchase a fan for the show arena.  A work day to paint the exterior of the Merchant’s building and the steel in the show arena was set for Saturday, July 8th at 8am.  A sound system, with hook ups for tents, for the new show arena was approved.  The next ground’s committee meeting is set for Tuesday, July 18th at 7pm.  
It was noted the Ag. Society is still waiting on the State Camping License.  There are currently 5 fair campers who have not paid for their camping spots for 2017.  These are new campers for this year.  Craig Stump stated a camping meeting needs set to discuss camping during the fair.  
Judi Cronley, gave an update on how ticket sales were going for the Lauren Alaina Concert.  Ticket sales continue on the Fair’s website through pay pal and in the office on Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-4pm.  The Fair Office will be open on July 4th for those wishing to purchase tickets that day.  
Livestock judges are still needed for the Wednesday Beef Show and one for the Rabbit Show.  Weigher licenses need signed by a couple of people and it was noted those will be done in March next year, since they are dated May to May.  Jeff Madison stated rabbit tattooing will be Saturday, August 12th from 9am-11am at the fairgrounds.  Don Spar stated the livestock weigh scales are hopefully going to be tested on Wednesday, August 2nd.  He also stated he will be ordering livestock animal tags soon.  
It was noted vendor and concession contracts deadline for payment was June 15th, follow-calls have been made and some new contracts have been sent.
It was noted the Jr. Fair Board will be donating $696 to the fair board for the new rails at the gazebo.  
Under old business:  
Judi still needs judges for open class grain/hay, fruit & vegetables, open class culinary, open class wine, open class cultural arts, open class youth, pie day, open class decorative painting, open class woodworking, open class fine arts, high school art and  high school ag. Education.  
Box Seat money was due June 30th and 3 current box seat holders have not paid.  They will be called this week to see if they are still going to need box seats.  
Jr. Fair entries are due at the end of this month – July 31st.  
The USV Lion’s Club has agreed to work the grandstand ticket booth during the fair and a contract for them has been sent.  
Under new business: 
The 2nd quarter fair newsletter has been delivered by email.
There are currently 5 vehicles that are still being stored and invoices will go out this week to those owners.  The vehicles have to be gone by the end of July.  
Open class on line entries will open on August 1st and close on Friday, August 18th.
The Fair Office will start to be open Monday through Friday from 9-5pm on Monday, August 7th.  
Season tickets will go on sale in the community starting Monday, August 1st,’
Fair brochures and placemats have been ordered and 2017 Hardin County Fair T-Shirts are now on sale in the Secretary’s office.  
The next regular board meeting will be Saturday, August 5th at 7:30pm in the arts and crafts building. 


Man Cited For OVI Following Motorcycle Crash


A Kenton man was cited following a motorcycle crash in Kenton Sunday night.


According to the Kenton Police Department report, the crash occurred on North Detroit at Summit Street.


Details on the crash are not available, but according to a report, the motorcycle operator, identified as 57 year old Gregory Liedel, was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



Threat Investigated at Kenton Apartment Complex


A report of a male with a gun was received by Kenton police early Sunday morning.


According to the report, officers were called to Eagles Point Apartments on Morningside Drive to investigate a complaint about a male with a gun who stated he was going to start shooting people.


An 18 year old male suspect is facing a charge of assault.



Gas Prices Continue to Fall


Gas prices in Ohio are down compared to last month.


According to Gas Buddy.com, the average price around the state today is 2.09 a gallon, compared to 2.15 in June and 2.20 a gallon last year at this time.


Prices around Kenton range from 2.05 a gallon down to the cheapest at 1.93 a gallon.


The average price around Hardin County in today's survey is 1.97 a gallon.



Crash Damages Two Cars in Kenton Sunday Evening


An accident was responded to at South Main Street and Espy St in Kenton on Sunday around 5:10pm.


According to the crash report provided by the Kenton Police Department, Leann Altvater of Lima was heading northbound on SR 31 and entered the intersection of E. Espy St. under a flashing yellow light. A vehicle operated by Christina Hall of Kenton entered the intersection heading westbound without stopping for a flashing red light.


Hall struck the right rear tire of Altvater’s vehicle and was cited for a red light violation.


Moderate to heavy damage occurred to the vehicles.



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