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The Kenton High School Athletic Building expansion project continues throughout the winter months.
We spoke with Kenton High School Athletic Director Joey Day, who said that things are progressing very well.
“Things are going great As you can see if you‘ve driven by anytime in the last couple days. We’ve got most of the outside shell completed on the North and South side as well as the back end…Some of the lines were put down for the heated floors back where the wrestling room is going to be located at the back of the building, as well as the concrete has been poured for that” Explained Day.
Day adds that crews are beginning work on the roof in an effort to enclose the space before snow flies so crews can work on the interior.”
The space will be to be used for all sports programs, especially the ones that can’t always get outside for both training, and competition purposes. Day reports that the coaches and students are very excited to be able to have this new space to train, and have the chance to improve themselves and their teams.
But, the expansion is not just going to be used for athletics.
“We want to make sure that everyone that is part of Kenton can utilize utilize this facility” Day Said.
The project is estimated to be completed in June or July of 2018.

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